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Color fascinates me because, in fact, they might not even be actually THERE since all of the colors in the non-light spectrum result from how light is reflected from a surface.

I was really lucky to have had a dad who was interested in this too. My first science project was a box in which I demonstrated the different spectrum of light. I think I wrote about it somewhere. Here I wrote about mineral colors. Here I wrote about my science project on the light spectrum.

Maybe I should go paint something…

Medical Misinformation — Curious Steph

Way back in the 1980’s, I was a resident in Family Medicine. Our training was a mix of hospital-based clinical training, rotating through all the usual specialties: internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, etc. Another significant part of our training was outpatient clinical work. We started slowly, one half day per week […]

Medical Misinformation — Curious Steph


Thank you, Marilyn, for the chance to answer questions people have asked about The Brothers Path. That’s how these interview questions came into being!

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Me in Obfelden Martha Kennedy

Why do you have a typo in the title of your novel? Shouldn’t there be an apostrophe?

There’s no typo. There is a path through the forest that is very important to the story, and its name is The Brothers. The novel takes its name from the path. The Brothers Path.

Switzerland is far away. Why don’t you write about your own country?

The events in The Brothers Path were the opening shots that led to many Swiss leaving Switzerland 200 years later. The Reformation was the beginning.

Several hundred thousand Swiss have emigrated to America over the centuries. Some of the earliest settlers were Amish and Mennonite Swiss who came here so they could freely practice their religion. That’s where The Brothers Path might touch home for many Americans and stimulate curiosity about their own ancestry.

The family that populates The Brothers Path is based on my…

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