My News: Another Event…

Among the things going on, I will be doing another reading, this time at the Rio Grande County Museum in Del Norte as part of their holiday celebration. The event runs from now until December 21. All the other participants are artists — most were members of the now defunct artist co-op which some of you might remember as having been, for me, a very mixed experience.

I took my stuff yesterday — all books, except a few notecards left over from the erstwhile co-op. My books are on top of a beautiful cherry-wood Victorian piano. The museum is a historical museum that has saved many things from the “old days” in the San Luis Valley — that says a lot, really, since the “old days” here go back to the Spanish conquistadores, not to mention the Navajo and Ute tribes. It’s a fascinating little museum, and I’ve learned a lot from looking at the exhibits.

Once I had my books on the piano and the poster from the Baby Duck reading set up, the exhibit looked kind of bare, so I went home and made a poster for the historical novels. It’s not as finished as the Baby Duck project, but I didn’t have weeks. I had hours. But, it’s all there now.

I was very low on supplies — even spray glue — and didn’t have time to drive to Alamosa to bigger stores with better choices. I was stuck with our little Safeway which was even almost out of tissue paper. But… I realized from making these two poster how my brain goes first to electronic presentations because that was my “thing” for so many years. I have not had to make posters for anything since my 8th grade science project on the Geological History of the Tetons. That went extremely well, by the way. I got an award from the National Geological Society and some oil and gas company. But seriously; 8th grade? I was 13…

The big open-house opening is tomorrow and I’m going with a couple of friends. “My” day is December 7, and as it is Pearl Harbor day, and there are a LOT of veterans here (one of the oldest retirement homes for veterans is near where I walk the dogs; it was built to house Civil War veterans) I decided to read the sections from Baby Duck that talk about the alliance between the US Army and China to fight the Japanese, notably on Hainan Island, and the numerous Chinese veterans I met. In those stories is a Christmas story and I’ll end the reading with that.

I’m looking forward to it very much — much less prep work for me as the museum is catering the event, not me.

The Foot

Excepting a couple of trips to the store, I haven’t been away from my house in 10 days, not since I reinjured my foot. This doesn’t mean I’ve stayed off my foot, though. A couple of days ago I raked leaves and covered the garden and there are chores. I’m not a sedentary person by nature or inclination. Luckily — as I’ve written before — my main form of exercise is a stationary bike, fondly dubbed The Bike to Nowhere or I’d be stark raving mad by now.

It puzzles me that I don’t need more human interaction — but I think some of that is supplied by the Internet, this blog, Facebook and talking on the phone with friends.

I’ve accomplished a lot — set up the book launch party for Baby Duck. Designed a 3 fold brochure advertising all of my books that are in the Narrow Gauge Bookstore in Alamosa where the event will be held. Made a complex slide show as entertainment for said event. Planned the party — and the party favors. All that’s left is going to the store and dealing with the physical logistics. I’m having the party while the store is open. Why not? There are not so many people in this valley that the place will be packed with humanity AND anyone who goes there is interested in books. My goal is to get the word out that I write pretty OK most of the time and would like to sell books.

BUT…my friend Elizabeth is, I think, maybe, a little concerned for the state of my mental health. That’s fine with me. She’s a wise person, and I both trust and love her. We’re going out into the world tomorrow to the mountain town of Crestone in the Sangre de Cristos, the mountains on the east side of the San Luis Valley. I have only been there once and never in the town itself, but to a very lovely hot spring, Valley View which, among other things, is the only place in Colorado where you can see fireflies as well as an amazing collection of bats.

Crestone is famous as a spiritual center, and there are probably more religions practiced formally there than in most places in the world. There are many artists and the goal tomorrow is a studio tour. The term “spiritual center” always leaves me a little edgy and bewildered. Is there any place on this earth that is NOT a spiritual center? It strikes me that this whole planet is as holy and sacred as anything could possibly be, not to mention the universe that contains it, but yeah. I just have to shrug things off. BUT the Episcopal church in Crestone is a log cabin which is pretty cool.

I have hiking boots and I will wear them to splint the bad foot, but I’ll take a pair of shoes in case the boots prove more than I can handle.

I got them on eBay. I wanted old-school leather hiking boots like those I wore for years and NEVER injured my feet. My boots — those I have had for a while — are serious mountaineering boots and weigh about 3 pounds each. Way more boot than I will ever need again in my life. The boots arrived yesterday, like new, Italian leather boots, but stiff and a lot heavier than approach shoes or trail-running shoes which I’ve been wearing since the early 2000s. We’ll see. I will also take my cane which will help me take weight off my hurt foot, and the deal is that if I can’t stand it, we’ll come home.