Copy, Right?

Yesterday I got an email from KDP, Amazon’s publishing platform.

During our review, we found that the following book(s) contains content for which you may not hold the necessary rights. Some or all of the content within your book(s) is freely available on the internet. As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder: A Foreign Expert in English, Guangzhou China, 1982-83 by Kennedy, Martha (AUTHOR)

At first I thought (grad student forever) they were impugning my citations. How dare they! I taught that shit! I lived by it! Then I realized that they must have a bot searching that vast wilderness of words, the internet, and it found my blog.

God forbid I compete with myself, right? I responded that it was my blog and that I’d removed the posts (yesterday). A double problem for them — I imagine there are authors who steal the work of bloggers and I can also see they wouldn’t want to go to the expense of publishing a book that no one has to buy to read it.

I hope this will help someone out. I know many people write blogs with the thought of someday turning the blog into a book. Of course there’s the chance I’m the one person in the universe who didn’t know this.

Update: I got this message this morning. I guess I cleared everything up.

Thanks for your message regarding the following book:

As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder: A Foreign Expert in English, Guangzhou China, 1982-83   ID: 32561303

Your book is currently live and available for purchase. Check out the detail page to check the status:


P.S. KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing that was once Amazon’s e-book publication interface. They had another for paper books, Createspace. They’ve combined the two under KDP. It works well, has become easier to use and has a wide reach (obviously).