If I had written “their” for “his” or “her” back in the day it would have been a grammatical blunder costing me ten points on anything and marking me out as an ignorant person.

That was my first thought this morning. Don’t ask me why. Maybe a flashback from Facebook, “Dude has updated their status.”

It struck me soon after that we can legislate (in the social sense) sensitivity in this way and still think it’s OK for, well, anyway. I don’t want to enumerate atrocities. It was 4:30 in the morning and I decided to go back to sleep. That was a good call.

In additional trivia, we have gray skies today and the promise of snow — not much, 1/2 inch, but, as Bear frequently points out, “They’re wrong a lot.” They are wrong a lot about snow coming at all and they’re wrong a lot about how much we get. The mountains to the west and east tend to scrape most of the snow out of the storms (which is why the San Luis Valley is a desert) but sometimes… The best storms are those that come straight north from New Mexico, maybe starting in the Gulf of California, those wonderful hurricanes that used to dump snow on my house in Descanso. They’re rare.

The snow that’s promised isn’t coming from that direction. It’s the usual, heading east from California/Utah. I’m sure it will be scraped pretty clean by the immense San Juan Range, but who knows? Later this week, temps will hit the high 40s F/4-5C, clearly Mother Nature is blundering and lost, wandering around in abject confusion about the fact that all she really has to do for the next couple of months is drop 3 to 6 inches of snow on Monte Vista a couple of times a month. Not a lot more, that’s plenty.

“You can’t fool Mother Nature…” flashback…