End of Summer

Yesterday, driving to “town” for groceries, I stopped at a red light behind a truck with about a dozen boxes of potatoes. As I continued along my way to Alamosa I noticed the barley in the fields has turned golden. Across the way from the golden barley field is another field with huge bales of hay. A few of the cottonwoods around one of the farms on the way are beginning to change to yellow.

A beautiful thing about living in an agricultural area is that all the human stuff we get so worked up about doesn’t affect the seasons. They do their thing like they know they are supposed to. It’s a very lovely reality of life on earth. I’m letting a couple of the Scarlet Emperor bean pods mature to make seeds. I don’t need them, but I also don’t want to frustrate their prime directive. In my own crops, a male goldfinch has been harvesting my sunflowers. Later on today, I’ll be moving the containers with tomatoes so they get more sun. The days are obviously shortening.

It’s been an interesting summer. If I harvest my impressions? I don’t know how to begin. The only other time I was this intensely involved in doing artwork was the summer of 1994 when I was recovering from a clinical depression. Someone looked at the tables I was painting back then and said, “Art therapy.” I’d like to think it was more than that, but maybe not. Two of those tables that I still have… I called them “funnyiture” because they are puns. Tea table and Knight Table (it’s a nightstand). There were also Picnic Tables and Pool Tables 🙂 .

I will miss my beans and my garden. I’m not all that eager for summer to end, though I would like cooler temps and fewer mosquitoes. It’s been nice going to my garden for vegetables and having really good basil. I think I’ve learned a lot this summer about WHY a garden and that I’m not too interested in flowers but find vegetables to be a miracle (again…)