Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party in the Heart of America

Fall has definitely arrived. Two days ago we had bracing winds and rain. Yesterday was a classic October day with golden leaves and bright blue sky. Snow is in the forecast for parts of Colorado.

Those of you who have read my blog for a while will recognize in the pretty table setting that there has been another tea party. Last week I got the idea of having a Mid-Autumn Festival tea party with my friends (who are near neighbors because I’m just lucky that way). Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of friendship, and I definitely celebrate my friendships in Monte Vista.

While I was up in Colorado Springs, I found a large Asian grocery store and hoped to find all the appurtenances of Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Cakes) but no; sold out. šŸ˜¦

“Oh well,” I thought, “lots of people who aren’t used to Moon Cakes don’t like them. I’ll figure out something.” I was able to find Dragon Well Tea — the most prized and expensive tea in China, a roasted green tea with a smokey flavor.

Apple pie. After all, I was an American in China back in the dim post-Gang-of-Four era when Mao paintings still clung to a few walls here and there across the nation. I even made an apple pie when I was IN China. So, I got apples and made a pie.


For food for Mid-Autumn Festival, things just need to be round, resembling the moon. This pie was definitely round and cratered. The pie plate? Not my usual plate for fruit pies, but it appears I didn’t bring my fruit-pie plate when I moved four years ago. This one is great for quiche, but difficult to make edges to hold in the fruit.

And it didn’t. The juice from the pie (and these were really juicy apples) invaded the barrier of the bottom crust and dissolved it. When I cut into it, it fell apart — but it tasted good.

We had lots ofĀ conversation — women’s talk — and I thought to myself how special that is, and how much I value it. I didn’t have time during my working years to enjoy people, and I had little contact with my peers. As an introvert, I need a lot of time on my own to recharge, and teaching took a lot out of me.

As we talked I thought how much women really need each other. My friends are both married, and I respect that very much. I was never able to hold a relationship together. I have mixed feelings about that — failure or freedom? I don’t think I’ll ever have a definitive answer.