Illustrations for An Alphabet of Place: The Little Snake River Valley

Sharon O’Toole, a Wyoming rancher, recently asked me to illustrate her book, An Alphabet of Place; the Little Snake River Valley. I ended up doing 30 ink drawings and designing the book. It was a lot of fun. It’s a very beautiful small volume and we’re both proud of it. 

From the introduction

An Alphabet of Place: The Little Snake River Valley is a celebration of my home, a remote mountain valley northwest of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and southwest of Rawlins, Wyoming, along the Wyoming/Colorado state line. “Alphabet” was inspired by an essay in the Kenyon Review by writer Alison Townsend—“An Alphabet of Here: A Wisconsin Prairie Sampler.” I decided to create the ABCs of my valley. Each letter describes a critter, a plant, a place or historical characters (and characters they were!) at first generally, then more specifically and finally personally.”

Here are some of the illustrations. In the book, each of these ink drawings corresponds with a letter.