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After thirty years teaching writing in San Diego, in 2014, I returned to live in my home state, Colorado. I live in the remote, beautiful and mysterious San Luis Valley. All my life, I’ve been a writer. Sometimes, I’m also a painter, but I am always a hiker.

Hiking: The great love of my life is nature — I have hiked thousands of miles but not in a wide variety of places. No teacher makes much money on which to travel, and my hikes were mostly at Mission Trails Regional Park, an urban wilderness park in San Diego. I was closely tied to these 5800 acres of chaparral.

I began hiking there in 1987, a few years before the landscape was officially designated a “park.” I then worked for the park in a variety of roles. I stopped when financial pressures demanded I take on more teaching hours. With fewer hours of “free” time, I wanted to be on the trails — on foot or on a bike — rather than in meetings, even important ones. The most intimate relationship in my life (so far) was with the lines of trails up and down North and South Fortuna Mountain, and the little mountain known as Kwaaypaay, that I called ‘Big Dog Health and Fitness Spa’ because, when I hiked it, it had no name. From my time hiking in one small(ish) landscape, I learned that no trail is ever the same two days in a row.

I’ve also hiked fragments of the Pacific Crest Trail, trails in Italy and Switzerland as well as climbing most of the way up a Chinese sacred mountain — Huang Shan — and, of course, I’ve hiked and skied in the Rockies. Hiking is one great thing about being in Colorado.

Dusty, Me, Bear 3_27_2017
Dusty T. Dog (RIP 2019), me and Bear (an Akbash livestock guardian dog) at the Rio Grande Wildlife Area, Monte Vista, CO March 2018.

Writing: I’ve written some books. A couple are memoirs — My Everest is about my 30 years living in San Diego County and hiking in the coastal sage/chaparral landscape and higher in the Laguna and Cuyamaca mountains. I’m originally from Colorado. I moved to San Diego in the early 80s and had to figure out a way to live there without losing important elements of my personality. I was very very fortunate to find Mission Trails Regional Park and trails beyond.

One day, I was hiking up Garnet Peak in the Laguna Mountains with a friend from Munich. He looked around and said, “You’re so lucky to live by these friendly mountains. The Alps aren’t so friendly.” He had climbed and hiked all over Europe and in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and, of course, especially in the Bavarian Alps.

I love the Alps. I have hiked in them and found them friendly enough with all the awesome signage and restaurants, but he definitely had a point. Back in Colorado now and while I love the Rockies with all my heart, and don’t want to be anywhere else, these are not friendly mountains, either. You can learn more about My Everest here.

The other memoir is about the time I was working as a Foreign Expert in English in the People’s Republic of China, 1982-83. The title is As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder, a strange title, I know, but once you are into the story it will make PERFECT sense. It was an incredible year, the experience of a lifetime, and the book is a love story. You can learn about As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder here.

Four other books are historical novels, all set in Switzerland, in Canton Zürich. The first is Martin of Gfenn which is an artist novel, about a young painter who discovers he has leprosy. His life leads him to the community of the Knights of St. Lazarus in the village of Gfenn. You can learn about Martin of Gfenn here.

Savior, The Brothers Path and The Price comprise a loose trilogy Across the World on the Wings of the Wind, a family saga spanning five hundred years, about a family living in Affoltern am Albis. Their adventures go from the Crusades through the Reformation to immigration to America. You can learn about them here.

Painting: I paint and write about it often. You can see my work here.

Me in 1981 at my one-woman show at Cafe Nepenthes in Denver


P.S. Trolling: I know we live in a time where people think that other people want to read/hear their hostile opinions. If you troll me, I will block you after I look to see what incredibly interesting and profound things YOU post. I won’t troll you, but at least I’ll know who you are. SO, if your thing is trolling people, I recommend either Facebook or Twitter.

© Martin of GfennSavior; The Brothers Path; The Price; My Everest; As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder; Historical Fiction by Martha Kennedy; “Women’s Wilderness Legend, Waterproof” and all work written on this blog that is not quoted from other sources was done by me and as such is my property. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Martha Kennedy with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

92 thoughts on “About Me

      • Martha. I like your “introvert” piece. Loneliness? I’m okay because I am not really sociable. I have Marilyn and our 2 furry kids. We have books, music and TV – with plenty of old movies. My best social times. Throne room conversation with myself with frequently yields ideas for pieces to write. I enjoy reading comments from you and the other regulars in our blogger family.

  1. Martha,

    I just stopped by thinking “Oh, I should be following her” only to find that I already am. It turns out that your new posts are not appearing in my Reader. (I already knew the official WordPress blogs weren’t showing up and I had reported that. They say they have someone on it.)

    So… nothing personal if I’m not floating by.

    • Don’t worry about it! More stuff shows up in my reader than I can possibly even READ. Fortunately, a lot of it is pictures. I loved your Putin piece. Finally someone actually saying something. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I haven’t written anything here. I love your blog, ideas and presence. Whenever I see one of your posts in my reader I have to read it. Keep the quality posts coming because this Canadian girl loves it!

    • I really value our conversation, too. I read all your blogs. I was talking to a friend of mine about writing a blog here and I said, “I’m not sure why, exactly, except for one girl…” (Even though there are lots of nice people here and much good reading!)

    • Thank you. I like that, “I’m a writer; get me out of here.” I feel like that a lot. I have a friend who used as a name/byline “I’m a journalist; I carry a notepad.” Thanks for following my blog!

  3. Being a Dr Seuss fan at first I thought your blog name was a spinoff of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ haha my mistake – still love the name though and your blog of course!

    • I love Dr. Seuss, too. Green Eggs and Ham is wonderful, but my favorite is Horton Hatches a Who. 🙂

  4. Time to reciprocate: I follow you; you follow me. We have so much/too much in common. I look forward to reading more of your “stuff.” I thank Bumblepuppies for listing you.

  5. Martha, I have to type a post as part of a thing called a blog tour. I have to answer 4 questions (on Pepper’s site, a field of thorns, take a look) and then ask two bloggers to do the same the following monday. I was thinking of nominating yourself and Cheryl. Let me know either way, please. Cheers.

    • Hi — I’ve already been given the Liebster and it seems kind of greedy to accept it a second time! Thank you for thinking of me, though.

          • Thank you. You have to answer 4 questions on June 9, and add a link to my post to mention me. Next you have to invite 3 bloggers to answer the same questions a week from yours, which will be June 16. They have to link to your post.
            You have to answer the questions about yourself.
            1. What am I working on at the moment?
            2. How does my work differ from others?
            3. Why do I write what I do?
            4. How does my writing process work?
            All the best. Sheen.

    • I like your motto. It’s kind of like what Burroughs said about Kerouac, “Kerouac is a writer. By that I mean he writes.”

  6. Oh, wow. I feel honored that you have chosen to follow my blog. I do appreciate it. It is for entertainment for my readers. Nothing less and nothing more. So I hope you enjoy. And by the way, want you to know that you gave me a great idea for a post. It will be onstage this coming Sunday. Thanks much.

  7. Hi Martha,
    The title ‘I’m a Writer, Yes I am’ caught my eyes and here I am. It’s so nice to have met you here. I also enjoy reading your posts. Let’s keep in touch. Take care and all the best, fellow writer. 🙂

    Jenn (the bubbly aunt… lol)

    • Thanks for the follow, Jenn! I hope you enjoy what you read here. I’m the ONLY aunt on that side of the family. 🙂

      • You’re welcome, Martha. I have no kids of my own (that are alive) but many of little nephews and nieces who are the darlings. I created a website for them. It’s the diary of an aunt dot com. Hope to be able to share ideas. 🙂 Have a great day.

    • Xiao Lan — Thank you for thinking of me! Unfortunately, my life is total chaos right now. I’m in the middle of packing and getting ready to move across the country! That will happen next week and I still have way too much to do and figure out.

    • I’m really sorry, but I don’t accept awards. I’m really grateful you thought of me, though! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for an Awesome. I count that right up there with an Army “HOOAH!” When you have more time, I know that you will get to my archived memories and be ready to comment on each of them. They are good. They are fun (mostly). They are awesome (perhaps). But I do–seriously–appreciate your comment.

  9. Hi Fellow Blogger, I was nominated today for a “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award?” I was asked to nominate seven bloggers myself, create a post or page, and include a link back to the blog of the person who nominated me. I have done as requested, and I am now nominating you. If you are inclined to take part you can follow this link to the page I created with my responses and all the information you will need. If you don’t want to take part…no worries. God bless. Kathy

  10. Hey Martha – hope this finds you. I wasn’t sure how to contact you directly. I’d LOVE to send you a galley of my dog book coming out in August. I know you don’t necessarily review books, but I love your writing and value your opinion and I’m hoping you might make an exception. If you’re game – let me know. You can email me at carasueachterberg (at) gmail.com.

  11. I’m sorry, Martha, but I have been recently hacked. I do NOT enter my password anywhere but where it is supposed to go. Sorry. If you want to create a password, I’ll use it, but mine stays with me.

    • Marilyn I think you’re talking about a post I put up in which you need a password to read it, but I’m not sure. The password you need to read that post is one I made.

  12. I am glad to see you so active after hip replacement- hiking and langlauf (a new word I learned here 🙂 ) . I have had two hip replacements and do a lot of biking and hiking. I also cross country ski occasionally and would do it more if I lived closer to the snow.

  13. Your header photo is breathtaking!!! And I totally love “I am a writer Yes I am!” 🙂 All the BEST to you–Fleur.

    • Pretty much. Rain and snow haven’t killed me so far. 🙂 Cafe Nepenthe was great. But Denver is a lot fancier now than it was back in 1981. A lot less soul.

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