We Got Out!

Pretty nice walk out there this morning — beautiful and peaceful and then I had to break the law.

In front of Bella as we were leaving the Refuge were two American Avocets, staring intently at the bank of the pond. At first I didn’t know why then I saw their chick. They were determined to walk on the road and frantic about the car. I ended up backing up 1/4 mile to a place where I could turn around, then breaking the law by driving the wrong way on the one way loop. Some laws are more important than others. Anyway, no one caught me so no harm no fowl (ha ha).

The chick is in front of the closest bird very well camouflaged.

Summer is so different out there. If I manage to deal with the heat and the bugs, I think it might be the best season. NO ONE goes there.

For the first time in a couple of years Bessie and her family were near the fence. I was so happy to see them. Even dad was there. Two or three calves, born this year, and the two horses. I don’t know what it is about those cows, but I love them. I am so happy when I see them. The horned cow is mom. Dad is on the ground beside the two calves in the first photo. The cow’s head belongs to “my” cow, Bessie. Curious and wanting some attention, the horses walked over.

There were also elk tracks beside the road. The mud makes them look a little like cow tracks, but never in my life have I seen cow tracks without cow poop nor do I see cattle tracks out there without horse tracks…

Such a relief to get out and such a lovely morning. Bear and Teddy are both relaxed and happy, too.

16 thoughts on “We Got Out!

  1. “The American Avocet takes elegance to a new level.” What a beautiful description of this bird on Google. I could just barely make out the chick. You did good, you lawbreaker, you!
    We have special laws on the beach for both shorebird nesting and turtle nesting sites with regard to speed limits and light limits. We don’t have Avocets that I can ever remember seeing, though.
    Oh, your cow–what a sweet photo.

    • Well, my excursions to the Refuge will be different now. I will park by the buildings from now on. It’s the bird’s world, not mine. I’m an intruder and I don’t want to be an evil intruder. This is the first year I’ve seen them and I think they are wonderful. As I drove I kept thinking I was getting telepathic messages, “Don’t you UNDERSTAND????” 💚

  2. What a wonderful outing with Bear and Teddy! As a bonus you got to see the cows! Some laws are meant to be broken or is it a case of “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    • Many bird songs. I will also not drive on that road for the rest of the season. There’s so few people out there, we can park by the buildings (in the shade!).

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