Not Much Going On and I’m Grateful

I had my own private jubilee yesterday when it REALLY RAINED 3 times. Yep. Maybe, maybe, maybe La Niña is over and we’re at least in a neutral cycle. Honestly the rain is great but my real interest is in winter snow. Yes. I have a one track mind, or maybe 3 track, definitely not an 8 track mind but… Thunder and lightning and a terrified livestock guardian dog, torn, as always, between protecting me from danger and hiding from the thunder. She finally just jumped up on my bed (she doesn’t do that) at least, I guess she figured, protecting the place to which I retired when darkness falls. I don’t know what goes on in her mind during thunderstorms other than she’s stressed. Teddy doesn’t seem to care. It almost seemed as if the front lawn grew and greened as the rain fell. I thought, “I’m going to have to mow it now,” and then remembered I left the mower outside. You see I have already mown the lawn-like-thing.

Really, I don’t know if I have anything left to say any more that I can write daily. I don’t want to write about politics. I have opinions (as we all do), but I don’t have any illusion about their relevance. It occurred to me not long ago that stupid people run the world. Anyway, President Biden fell off his bike yesterday — he had straps on his pedals which add some power on the upstroke, and I think he got flustered in his dismount but the media was all over it. I have never ridden with pedal straps.

I don’t know anyone who’s ridden a bike who hasn’t fallen, but there you go. I’m 8 years younger than Biden and pretty fit but I can’t lift either leg high enough to get onto my bike. I bought a little step thing (thanks Chris for the idea) but that means I have to carry it with me (that would be funny!) or NEVER get off my bike. Well, I can put the bike on the ground, straddle it, and lift it up which works fine, but I dunno… Anyway, I’m about to start pedaling in solidarity…

12 thoughts on “Not Much Going On and I’m Grateful

  1. Ophelia sends her regards to Bear. She totally gets the danger of the rumbling sky and says the bed is the best place of all to wait it out!

  2. Glad you got rain (which I bet the beans were loving – even if Bear was stressed. It bothers me that all the press was hovering over Pres. Biden and ignoring the war in Ukraine and yet another mass shooting (granted it was only one killed and 5 injured). Still falling off a bicycle seems less news worthy than war and violence…

    • Exactly how I feel, Val. The beans were surprised I had to explain it to them this morning. I have opinions about the war in Ukraine but so what… And yeah. Another mass shooting? 1 dead is too many but lets look at a fit old man fall off his bike because he’s flustered. I’d be jaded if I weren’t already.

  3. Poor Bear — thunder and lightning only bother me when there’s no time between the two — that means possible fires, and I go into my alert mode. Bear doesn’t understand that, so of course she’s concerned when there are big booms that surprise her! I hope you can get out and walk in the refuge today without noise or light flashes or water falling from the sky!

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