Quotidian Update 9,002.3.ab.x

Zippy would have been a name for Teddy. That little guy fairly flies when he gets going. Bear is faster — longer legs — but Teddy is more airborne. They are fun to watch out there in the Small Dusty (my yard). This is what goes on in the early morning when it’s cool and again in the evening when the heat dissipates. I wish I could run around with them.

Long long long ago in Billings, MT my Aunt Jo had a fox terrier whose name — sadly — I can’t remember. As soon as we arrived that dog was all over me, humping my leg (which outraged my mom, but he didn’t know I wasn’t another dog), leaning against me, sitting in front of me looking at me with “How about NOW?” in his eyes. All he wanted was for me to go out back with him to the pasture where clumps of alfalfa grew. And why? Well, I was six or seven, a little girl. To me, then, it was a BIG SPACE, and this little dog and I raced around back there, jumping the alfalfa clumps and having the best time. Whenever I see a spot like that I still imagine a little girl and a black and white dog having the best time ever running and jumping in the summer evening light.

I have a clump in my yard that comes back every year and I really love it.

Today I’m heading to the museum to help with a PowerPoint show. It’s a terrible thing to have been a teacher because the instinct remains.

I caught up with the hearings yesterday, somewhat, though ultimately I wasn’t able to figure out what the upshot was supposed to be. Yes, Pence did good by confirming Biden’s election. Pence did bad by not stepping up much sooner and conceding. I’ve always wondered what Trump had/has on all these people to make them toe the line. Promises? Dirt? And why wasn’t Pence speaking for himself? But then, on Jan 6 he really DID speak for himself. I dunno…

Also, what’s your take on the censorship of language? Expiring minds want to know.

Your pal,

Henry Miller

14 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 9,002.3.ab.x

  1. Wonderful imagery of the two dogs running around in your back yard — 3 or 4 steps for Bear, and a few more for Dusty?! I’m not sure there was an upshot of yesterday’s hearing — other than just another piece of the puzzle. I don’t think they’re going after Pence, so much as they are after Trump — I hope DOJ is simply going to verify the story and then start charging people!

  2. When I heard them say that ‘they,’ Trump’s followers, would have killed Mike Pence and/or Nancy Pelosi if they had gotten hold of them, that shook me. What kind of people are these?! Of course, the headlines this morning are ‘Mike Pence did good for one day’–in other words, he is not the savior he looked like in yesterday’s hearings. He and Dr Birx…took what they could as long as they could. Is everyone else that insecure that they won’t/can’t break with Trump? That is such a puzzle to me.
    Oh, Martha, the mental image of little Teddy going airborne as he runs outside makes me smile. He is the cutest little guy.

  3. We are now dog owners too! A cute girl (photos will follow) Mochi by name… I was so busy that I couldn’t watch the hearings (An over night guest, working at church, having son#1s sewer line roto-rootered, having another friend visit and bringing us her dog, and having son#2 staying over this weekend)… I can’t wait for Sparky to fix the fence so that she can run around the yard with abandon!

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