Teddy T. Dog’s Peaceful Easy Feeling

Today is the third anniversary of Teddy coming to live at Casa di Marta. Dusty T. Dog was still around — but only for a few more days, as it turned out. It was almost as if Dusty T. “brought” Teddy, knowing what was on the horizon for this strange little “family.” Dusty T. loved the puppy from the beginning.

Dusty and his little guy…

At first Teddy was a “foster” but I am pretty sure the shelter who’d contacted me to foster him had other things in mind. I was told he was a Bernese — which is a large dog, almost Bear sized — but when I got to the shelter, I saw he was a Mini-Aussie. For a long time I had wanted one. I had had two and a half Australian shepherds, and I liked them. Yeah, they’re hyper, moderately destructive, driven but they are also intelligent, funny, affectionate and — within their instincts — trainable and responsive. They are enjoyable dogs. Teddy turned out to be a perfect complement to Bear’s calm.

Meeting Teddy at the shelter. “I want her.”

Teddy’s story was a little mysterious. He was found tied up to a post outside a convenience store in Del Norte. His collar was way too tight. When I got him home and learned how he “worked,” it was clear someone had loved him. His feet were soft, so he hadn’t been roaming the streets. He was house trained. He knew “go to bed” something I never teach a dog. He was good at riding in a car. He was then — and is still — crazy about people so probably no one abused him. I think it just happened that maybe someone had to move and couldn’t take him — something like that. Or allergies?

He and Bear are best friends. They play for hours in the yard-that-was-once-pretty. During Covid the bond between the three of us deepened, and I’m closer to these two dogs than I’ve been to any of the other dogs I’ve been privileged to live with.

Decades ago I read an article that said dogs can’t distinguish music, songs, or respond to them. I knew that wasn’t true. My dog, Maggie, loved the Allman Brothers, particularly “Blue Sky.” If I played my “anthem” (“Running Up that Hill” by Kate Bush) the dogs knew they were going on a hike. Teddy is the most music aware dog I’ve had. Our tastes are very different, but I’m open-minded. In 2020, when Teddy and I were heading out to the Refuge in the evenings, the car radio was playing a live Eagles album that had recently come out. Teddy clearly preferred ONE song. He liked it so much I never changed the station, even though…

So, we’d listen to the Eagles while the light shifted from blistering day into cool evening. Park, take our walk. Sometimes the album showed up as we drove home and between the walk and the song, Teddy was in mini-Aussie Heaven. Now, if he hears the song, he comes right to me to get pets. He likes it especially if I sing with the Eagles which proves that dogs are not music aficionados…

13 thoughts on “Teddy T. Dog’s Peaceful Easy Feeling

  1. Loki can distinguish between songs. When my son first got him, a fellow he worked with committed suicide and this song played and my son was upset having learned about the tragedy. Every time Loki hears this song, he howls at the moon, without fail. |Instantly and with varying degrees of sadness. So I believe they understand the power of music and association as much as we do.

  2. I loved that Teddy chose you as certainly as you picked him! Ranger liked violins. I think that’s because son#2 played and it was one of the only times son#2 was still enough for Ranger to lean against him… I wouldn’t pick the Eagles but then I have bad memories concerning “Hotel California”. We have eclectic tastes in this house – classical, classic Rock n Roll, new age, jazz, R&B, heck we like most music (except country and the nasty rap)…

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