Yesterday my little drought-plagued square on the checkerboard of the San Luis Valley was hit by precipitation. A fast-moving thunderstorm came through, terrifying Bear and dropping graupel and rain. All this happened just before sunset and probably there was a rainbow out there, but the graupel was falling too passionately for me to feel like going out to see. Besides, my leaving the house would have terrified my livestock guardian dog. She was already in livestock guardian hell, trying to stay safe herself while protecting me. She stood in the small dark hallway and watched me across the room. It was hard for her to hold it together when I opened the front door to see how things were going and to savor the amazing weather.

I hope it is a sign that Mother Nature has remembered the San Luis Valley and will give us a normal summer with evening thunderstorms and lots of rain. I have tranquilizers for Bear. ❤️🐾

P.S. I deleted my earlier political rant. If you get my blog posts via email, I guess you still get to read it. I realized (as I was vacuuming) I don’t have anything new or useful to say about any of it. All I can do is vote.

20 thoughts on “Precipitation

  1. Yay for precipitation — even just a little! And yay for Bear protecting you, but I’m glad you have tranquilizers for her.
    Yes, voting is all we can do — except that an expression of opinion is also helpful (I did see your other post on email earlier today). Good for Beto!

  2. Thank you, Martha! I read Heather Cox Richardson’s piece and watched the coach’s press conference, then I read the Lind piece. While I may not agree with your solution, I love me a little righteous anger now and then! When 6 inches of graupel fell on me (mostly on my tent, since I didn’t stay out in it long) in just minutes during a storm in New Mexico many years ago, I didn’t know what to call it. I was just amazed that it could pile up so fast and then melt so fast. It was more like tiny snowballs than hail.

  3. I got the previous version. No it isn’t any new information but it still feels good to know I’m not alone in my opinion on things as they are. Poor Bear. I can only sympathize as Ranger was horribly afraid of thunder storms. We can’t control the world, only how we respond to it….

  4. Daggers 🗡 knowing how curiosities spark ✨ flames 🔥 of creativity to ya old 🐻 dear friend art ya thou brother? Of course the rant my friend will not change anything unless folks vote! Agree with ya 💯 👍.

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