Scarlet Emperor Beans, Fifth Generation

Dear Readers:

As I finished this post, I realized it’s more a letter than a blog post. SO…

Yesterday I surrendered to my own need to PROPERLY plant Scarlet Emperor Beans. Long time readers of this blog know what that means and yeah, it is a little insane, but…

A few weeks ago, with totally the wrong attitude, I put 8 straight in the ground outside, too deep as it happens. I’ve been distracted by a friend’s personal problems and NOT in the best mood. When the beans didn’t come up I realized what I’d done. “OK Plan B.” Again, without the best attitude, I took a few of last year’s beans outside and planted them the right depth. But something didn’t feel right and THEY haven’t (so far) come up even though the days have been hot and the nights warm — for here. Of course if they come up, they will be greeted with thunderous applause.

Yesterday, as I watered the bed where the beans have been planted, mildly inspired by the tomato and basil sprouts in the house, I thought, “You know what you need to do.” So now, in a fancy germinating tray (that I didn’t want to bring into the house) sitting on a thrift store TV tray (that I didn’t want to bring into the house) are five peat pots in which I’ve planted Scarlet Emperor Beans in my traditional, correct way. They are by a window in my living room that needs desperately to be washed, but because it has old aluminum storm windows, is taller than I am, and won’t open from the inside, chances are it will not be washed in my life time, except the inside which is very clean. OH well. Someone in the life of my house fastened the windows shut with two-sided foam insulation tape. I understand WHY, but really not a good idea. I wish I had the money to replace these windows with new vinyl windows, but I don’t. Home ownership is really a waste for me because it doesn’t matter that I have a mortgage anymore. Tthe standard deduction is greater than my itemized deduction. The advantage — and it’s MAJOR — is the dogs . But I would love the outside of my house to be someone else’s problem.

I have not named the beans yet. It’s tempting fate to show so much interest in young, unfledged things, sort of the “don’t count your chickens” idea. Even so, there’s really no problem giving them the names of their ancestors since they really ARE their ancestors (being plants). So far I’m thinking of Tu Fu, Lao She, Cao Xueqin, Li Ho and Pearl Buck. If any come up outside I’ll take names from the Shui Hu Chuan.

Yesterday the power went out for a couple of hours. It was an interesting experience because I didn’t lose phone service (huh?) and my laptop said, “You have a personal hotspot with your iPhone. Would you like to join?” so I went online via my phone’s G5. This is the first time that opportunity has existed and wow. It made it possible for me to check the outage map, for one thing. Also, after the last long power outage that resulted from the fire we had in town, I bought what my mom would call a “toy” a rechargeable lantern that charges via a USB cable and has the ability to hold the charge to keep an iPhone charged. I quickly saw what a good investment that was — not yesterday, probably, but certainly if the power were out for any length of time.

The cool thing about the power being out was that it brought people out of their houses. I Planted some sunflowers in the front flower bed and, while I was doing this, people walked by, including a guy whom Dusty T. Dog absolutely adored. I haven’t seen him and his wife in two years.

The best news is that the wind has been normal for three days and yesterday we had a clear blue sky and a gorgeous sunset with peach-colored, fluffy clouds.

I hope you’re all doing well,

Martha, Bear and Teddy

16 thoughts on “Scarlet Emperor Beans, Fifth Generation

  1. Dear Martha, Bear, and Teddy,

    Love hearing your update on the planting. I am about to go out and dig manure into my raised beds. I think I will plant my onions today and the cool weather vegetables now that there is a decent day to do it. I must avoid the deck as a robin is setting up house in one of my flower pots. There was all kinds of excitement as a Mourning Dove crashed the party and tried to evict the robins. I think there will be some excitement from my front row seat at the kitchen window!

    Your Friends,
    Heather and Ophelia

    • Dear Heather and Ophelia,

      Lovely to hear from you! Bear and Martha respect your decision about the robins. Teddy thinks they should be chased. It will be fun to watch the robin and her family. ❤ We all support the cool weather veggies and wish we'd done that but we didn't get seeds. Martha just kept hoping it would finally snow and denied this spring thing as long as possible.

      Your pals,
      Martha, Bear and Teddy

    • Sarah, this is it. So far so good — I will probably get another since the power can go out for a long time and it’s on sale. The power was only out 2 hours yesterday but the lantern still had almost a full charge.

  2. Dear Martha, Bear and Teddy,

    I think there would be a hole in your life if there were no Tu Fu, Lao She, etc, to share their wisdom. Plus, a dog needs a challenge.

    I have been digging in my garden too. Digging is not only for my compatriots. You would be amazed by how tiny the plants are. Every day is an exercise in patience while I wait for some sign of growth.

    We are expecting our first frost this week. Perhaps our frost signals a new phase of your season. Perhaps the emperor beans will cast you some shade when you most need it?

    Sending our love to you all.
    Tracy, Ama, Makea and Fynn.

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