Who Owns Whom?

Took the dogs out this morning. I had hoped to take Bear by herself, but Teddy the little tyrant strategized me out of that. How? He’s just a dog, right?

Yes, but he’s an Australian shepherd. Here’s what he did…

1) He sat in the living room like he understood it was just going to be Bear, I had told him to “stay,” and he knows the command.
2) He didn’t come near me while I was leashing Bear, leading me to believe he was a Good Boy;
3) When I opened the back door he was OUT. He had to have FLOWN the 20 feet from the living room to the back door.

From there? He ran into the garage. The door to the yard was open. He hid until I opened the back for Bear to get in. He jumped up. I just looked at him and said, “Get into your seat,” and, to my surprise, he understood that sentence. It’s very hard to get a harness on a Napoleonic dog who is in the car and afraid you’re going to pull him out and put him in the house.

One thing for sure; you cannot be vain about your intelligence when you have a dog who’s smarter than you are. Grrrrr…

19 thoughts on “Who Owns Whom?

  1. Those Aussies are very smart! I think that is what makes them such good dogs. Of course he knew what was going to happen and he planned for it. I think you are going to have to be very sneaky if you want to take Bear without Teddy. *speaking in a whisper* Perhaps let Bear outside in the backyard and then sneak out the front door leaving Teddy in the house anticipating Bear’s return through the back door. A quick walk around to the back and you and Bear have your private walk. Of course you’ll have to make it up to Teddy whose heart has been broken.

    • That method doesn’t work. It’s a good method but BOTH of them have outsmarted that one. Bear doesn’t like to go without Teddy. I have to trick her into letting me take her. I think she thinks she’s going to the vet. 😀 Bear isn’t as devious as Teddy, but she is just as stubborn… Dogs. ❤

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