Quotidian Update 1,003.20.a.iv

Spring made no attempt this year even to be smarmy. Nope. Not even fake friendly and polite, just one day of roaring wind after another, well, OK, a couple of breaks but… Bear — the formerly white dog — is a whiter shade of beige at this point. The air is so dry that when I brush her, the fur just returns to her body because of the static electricity. I don’t know if I’m annoyed or amused. Oh, wait. I’m tired of it. It’s funny how just writing that I hear my mom’s voice (and that of the universe) saying, “It doesn’t really matter that you’re tired of it. It’s what you’re getting.” 😀

The trick is to seize the day when it’s NOT like this. That’s pretty much the only thing I can do.

Featured photo: The Rio Grande River last December. I’d like to paint this but my painting self-esteem is as low as it’s ever been. SO… I have a bad case of “What’sthepoint?itis” combined with “yougotitgoodsweetcheeksquityerbellyaching.” If you’ve ever been so afflicted, you get it. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 1,003.20.a.iv

  1. That photo of the Rio Grande is fascinating — do get out the paints and see what you can do with it! I had to laugh at the imagery of brushing Bear, only to have the hair blow back to her body in static electric waves! You’ll be glad to know that the winds here have turned to light breezes and the temps somewhat stabilized around 75-ish — I hope that will happen soon for you too!

      • Haha — with the static electricity, at least brushing Bear wouldn’t leave you with dog hair all through the house — she’d carry it with her, and could roll or shake it off outside when you are done! Poor Bear — and this is the time of year when brushing must be a daily occurrence with all that lovely white hair!
        Your paintings are exquisite — what brought down your self esteem?

        • Thank you ❤

          I think the woman walking away from the museum in Del Norte probably hurt my self-esteem. Being a painter here is very very competitive as there are a LOT of painters and very few places to show/sell work. The museum was ONE place I could do that without investing money I don't have in exhibit stuff like a tent, walls, panels to hang stuff on, etc. That would cost me at least $2000 and I'm not sure I could erect that stuff myself at shows. I'm only 5'1" and not a spring chicken. That stuff is large and heavy to haul and put up. So now most of my stuff is in boxes in the garage. Not OK with me but… I could hang it all in my house, but my house is small and there is really ONLY one big wall. I could have done a lot better promoting myself here in the San Luis Valley. I imagine I'll figure this out, but for the moment I'm just demoralized.

          It takes me all summer to fully brush the winter fur out of Bear's coat. She likes being brushed, and I like brushing her, but she's a LOT of dog and that's a LOT of fur. Her winter coat comes in layers and it takes about three passes to get to the very bottom little insulating hairs. She was designed for cold weather. 🙂 ❤

          • I’m sorry — I missed the bit about the woman walking away from the museum. Competition can be tough, especially if you are new at the game. That’s why I don’t even belong to a photo club here — the members are very competitive, and are not interested in encouraging newer members. Remember, though, that people who put you down may really like your work and wish they could do as well. Keep up your painting and sharing it — in time you will find that people recognize the value of your work.

            Hugs to Bear and Teddy — they want you to do well too! And hugs to you as well ❤ !

            • We all appreciate the hugs VERY much! ❤

              I belonged to an art guild in Julian CA which was the nicest group of people — we had two shows a year, not juried — in the "city" hall. So much fun. I was on the hanging committee (sound kind of dark, doesn't it). I've realized here that the young people (who need to be doing things like that) aren't. The old people who WERE doing things like that now have other concerns. It's a very strange thing. When I moved here, there were two organizations like that and they were very nice, but, again, old people. The younger generations seem to see things differently which is fine, but organizations like that could help everyone. I'm hoping that next spring when there is a real Crane Festival I will have figured this out enough to set myself up at the art/craft show that's part of the Crane Festival.

  2. My son has a GS as you know, I’ve mentioned him several times, lol. |Such a joy. Anyway, my son remarked one day when I mentioned he was molting, “Yeah, he sheds twice a year, spring and fall, and they last six months each.” mahaha. So true! He has three levels of coat so really, it seems as though there are only a couple weeks out of the year when he doesn’t shed. I doubt my vaccume will ever be the same lmao

  3. What a shame — one of the perks of the elderly in retirement is having young people around to keep them interested, and a perk of youth is being able to learn from the elders.; if they don’t work together, that disappears for both groups. Do keep painting, and figure out the dynamics of the Crane Festival art show while you do! I hope better weather and some long walks in the refuge will help!

  4. I can sympathize with Bear’s static problem. Have you ever tried to use the vacuum cleaner (the hose not an upright! hehe!) to capture the hair as you brush? That used to work great on my cats and our first dog… Ranger was terrified of the vacuum cleaner so it didn’t work for him… but if Bear would tolerate it it would make things easier! There are “mean spirited” people everywhere now days. You should paint just because you can!

    • Bear wouldn’t mind the vacuum being NEAR. 🙂 I had a dog who liked being vacuumed. That was a bonus. I’m not worried about mean spirited people with my painting. I think every artist reaches plateaus and I’m on one, and it’s also that I no longer have anywhere to show it that I can afford. 😦

  5. I shouldn’t be giving advice because I’ve been feeling that way about writing, but just start with a stroke and see where it takes you. I keep telling myself just start with a word and see where it goes. It seems to me everything in life is cyclical.

    I was also wondering, are there any coffee shops that will hang your work? We have a little coffee shop that hangs local artists work, and they are for sale. Just a thought.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. The wind exhausts and demoralizes me. I don’t want it to, but living through all the fire and proximity of fires permanently changed the whole nature of wind for me. I read today in my FB memories that I was up all night in CA with 75 mph/120 mph winds blasting through my town, lifting roofs, making stuff fly around and, potentially, carrying fire. That’s it. Wind.

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