Plot for a Soap-Opera but it’s Life

When I was in high school my best friend lived on the same street. His dad was in the Air Force. He had a little sister — ME — that I liked a lot and a really nice mom. Time passes, meaning decades.

The year of my brother’s 20 year high school reunion rolls around and in the burg of Colorado Springs a couple of women (aged 38) talk about my brother. One of them — D — confesses how she’d always been in love with him. My high school friend’s little sister — ME — and she go find his drunken — though charming — ass and get reconnected. A few months later, he’s married to D and living in Northern California, ten hours from me in San Diego.

I liked my brother’s wife very much. I spend a lot of time up in Northern California with them, but then, being the being that he was, my little brother destroys the marriage.

D and I remain good friends until one of those horrible and stupid things that can only happen on Facebook. Really, really, really, really stupid thing, too, and I decide Facebook is unhealthy for children and other living things. I go off Facebook for a few years. No biggie as I didn’t like it much anyway and even now I only have 50 friends. She tells me I’m just like my brother and she wants nothing to do with me. The rift between D and me is complete and permanent. I’m sorry about it but I have no way to mend it.

Meanwhile my brother dies. A couple years later a bag of his ashes and I arrive in Colorado Springs. I’m going to give a paper at a conference and one of his high school friends — my friend Lois (whom I didn’t even know) — is going to have a brunch for my brother’s friends. Afterward we’re going to take that bag of ashes up to the Garden of Gods and scatter them. It was one of the best memorial services in somewhat recorded history. In 2012, I didn’t imagine moving back to Colorado.

One of the attendees is ME and I am so happy to see her again after what, forty years? Two years later (to my surprise) I’m back in Colorado to stay and ME and I are eating pizza in Del Norte.

Today D is having open heart surgery and ME’s very elderly dad is in the hospital so ME is sticking close. Lois let me know all this yesterday. I woke up this morning wondering how this life thing works. You go far far far away from your youth and what you were told was home, only to return to inscrutable interlacing connections.

12 thoughts on “Plot for a Soap-Opera but it’s Life

    • ❤ People are just strange and I figure now that in any given moment for every person there's some kind of backstory that might be governing their (and my) emotional reactions.

  1. What is that thing called? Seven degrees of separation?? Lives can intersect or tangle so easily and then again with others we never even knew they existed… I’m glad you were able to connect with Lois, ME and so sad that D is estranged… Sometimes it isn’t anything you did but rather guilt by association!

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