A Whining Post from a Pile of Covid Booster Side-Effects

Well, here we are, 2022, Sunday morning. I’m typing something (I don’t know yet what) with a Covid Booster Shoulder from Hell, a headache and the whole rainbow of fun side-effects from the vaccine. When I look at my Facebook memories I see 2020 and how we felt, what we hoped and and and…

I haven’t done any artwork in a year. That’s OK and NOT OK at the same time. I often have long spells of nothing and afterward something really cool happens, but the pleasure of it? I miss that. So yesterday I grabbed an apple from my little bag of Honeycrisp apples and went into my studio to draw and/or paint. I went at it and got a pretty good apple when it was all over. I think it might be an apple a day for a while. It’s OK with me. Apples are beautiful and easier than trees. The thing is, emotions can get between an artist and his/her work and I’m full of emotions right now. I have no idea how to paint what I’m feeling. I don’t even know how to express it in words. I don’t know WHAT to do with it. There is a conflict going on between my inner world and how/what I want to paint.

I don’t think we imagined in 2020 that we’d be getting boosters all five minutes. I imagined fanfares of brass horns, we’d get vaccinated and live happily ever after. I haven’t let go of that, sad to say. I didn’t imagine January 6 which, IMO, is worse than Covid. I never imagined Pinche Putin invading Ukraine. By the way, “Pinche Putin” is a new beer from the local brewery. “Pinche” is a lot worse thing in Mexican slang than Google translate will tell you. It’s one of those words I use correctly without fully understanding it, OK, Pendejo? 😉 The reality is, our world has changed, and I think we are all a little tired. And then the cost of utilities — all of them — has gone up. It’s not quite a blood from a stone moment, but it’s uncool. Whine, whine, whine. I’m sure I’d whine less if I felt better. 🙂

Anyway, this IS cool:

…Democratic president Joe Biden is trying to reassure Americans that democracy works. He insisted on using the government to support ordinary Americans rather than the wealthy, and in his first year in office, poverty in the United States declined, with lower-income Americans gaining more than at any time since the “War on Poverty” in the 1960s. Lower-income workers have more job opportunities than they have had for 30 years, and they are making more money. They have on average 50% more money in the bank than they did when the pandemic hit.

Biden’s insistence on investing in Americans meant that by the end of his first year, the U.S. had created 6.6 million jobs, the strongest record of any president since record keeping began in 1939. By the beginning of April, the economy had added 7.9 million jobs, and unemployment was close to a 50-year low at 3.6%. Meanwhile, the deficit is dropping: we should carve $1.3 trillion off it this year.

Biden’s deliberate reshaping of the American government to work for ordinary Americans again, regulating business and using the federal government to enforce equal rights, so threatens modern Republicans that they are willing to destroy our country rather than allow voters to keep people like Biden in power.

Heather Cox Richardson

26 thoughts on “A Whining Post from a Pile of Covid Booster Side-Effects

  1. I totally get it. The reason my blog posts have been so sporadic is that I’m feeling so much and don’t have words. I’m focusing on regular work and freelance work until inspiration/desire hits again.

    • I feel the pressure of age and time. I don’t know if I should or not. But there it is. In the middle of all this BIG shit is our own quotidian shit like not having a local place any more to show/sell my work. Getting stuff around — even virtually — isn’t easy since the world changed, either. And then I go to a thrift store and see a bunch of paintings people did sometime in the past and the owner of the store says, “Buy one! Paint over it!” Maybe I need a vacation… 🙂

  2. Vacation?? Come visit me! We like dogs, we have a guest room, and you can hike the dunes or Potato Creek State Park or even go geocaching…
    I understand the lack of inspiration. That’s probably the sole reason I never wanted to make art my career – if I wasn’t inspired it just wouldn’t happen. Not good if art is supposed to put food on the table. I’m currently attempting to select art for the Student/Faculty show and I don’t feel I have anything worthy…

  3. I keep wondering why Biden’s ratings are so low when I think he is doing great. He’s trying to fix the mess he was handed and then things like Putin pop up and you have to switch gears to work on that. The GOP–I don’t even want to try to get inside their collective heads, but what are they trying to do to our country? DeSantis has ruined Florida in his pursuit of his own agenda. And Covid still. I’m glad you got boosted, Martha, but sorry it takes such a toll.

    • I think Biden is doing great. He’s doing exactly what I voted for him to do — his job. He’s not flashy, what I also voted for him for. The rest of Heather Cox Richardson’s article talks about the Republicans. I don’t know if this will work or not, but…

  4. If anything could have gone wrong over the last year, it did, and it got progressively worse. The one exception to that, as you point out, is Biden, who has done exactly what we elected him to do — and then more! But it’s spring now, and I am trying very hard to enjoy the rebirth that occurs each year at this time to get out and enjoy nature in its finest! I’m so glad you had a chance to get out with the dogs — and I hope your weather allows for more of that vry soon!

  5. hang in there, and keep healing, hope the vax reaction clears soon. I’m waiting on #4 myself, as I have some travel plans coming up that I want to be freshly immune for. And isn’t it just ridiculous that I’m thinking that way. But not as ridiculous as FL.

  6. You’re not whining! I hate that it made you feel that way. 😢 I need to get my last booster but haven’t. The apple is beautiful, MAK. I understand about all the feelings. My posts are so filled with so many layers because my thoughts can be everywhere due to the division in our country, and just personal challenges. I made some tough decisions this winter that seem to be decluttering me a bit. It helps to have friends who “get” it. The problems in our country began, IMO, in 2016. Sending hugs to you, Bear, and Teddy. If you ever get our way you’re family to us! 💛

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