“Pull over. Turn off your lights. Don’t use your brakes.”

Weather’s doormat, that’s us right now. Yesterday the wind blasted through the San Luis Valley (much of Colorado) all day until there was so much dust in the air that a warning erupted on my phone telling me not to drive and what to do if I were driving. That’s a little freaky, too, because if I were driving in a dust storm, I don’t think I’d look at my phone. Yesterday we just hunkered down, and it looks like we might be doing the same today. Around 4 pm the temp suddenly dropped 25 degrees. Bear and I welcomed that.

Tomorrow the power company is turning off the power throughout the city so they can do electrical repairs in the burned part of town, so if I don’t show up here, that’s the most likely reason. BUT tomorrow it also looks like the wind will relax and the temps will stay cool and maybe we’ll be able to escape the bunker. In the 8 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen a spring like this. It’s psychologically exhausting.

I have the opportunity to get yet another Covid booster today in the nearby park. I know I should, and I may, but I also know I’m tired of the whole thing. I know that’s irrational and all the good reasons for walking two blocks in the wind to get a vaccination. But…I’m not keen about the side-effects which will be part of my tomorrow when I’d really rather have a good arm for walking the dogs. OH well. Going to get the stupid-ass shot. Anyone else just sick of this shit?

Update: just got the shot. The vaccination bus was parked two blocks away. Very windy walk. Nice kids doing the work. Still sick of this shit. Grrrrrrr….

The song below? Just came on the radio. I love it and I haven’t heard it in about 100 years. So…

28 thoughts on ““Pull over. Turn off your lights. Don’t use your brakes.”

  1. Good grief, Martha! Yeah, I wouldn’t be looking at my phone, either… I did get the second booster. My arm hurt so bad for the entire next day. After that, I was fine, but darn it hurt.

  2. Yes, Martha. I’m sick of everything, COVID unknowns and the weather. Today it is snow, but now kind of rain. I feel like we are on a roller coaster.

    • I feel like we’re on a rollercoaster, too. I just got the shot. I told the kid giving it to me, “Just make sure it won’t hurt tomorrow.” He didn’t get that I was joking with him. I think, in general, senses of humor are a casualty of this bullshit. He just told me to drink a lot of water and massage the shot site. ❤

  3. Just read an article about the boosters – Dr. Fauci is saying no need for a second one until the fall IF you are a vaccinated and boosted (once) healthy adult… I’m waiting until just before the trip to Canada to get my booster!!

  4. Your spring weather does sound exhausting, wind, fires, power cuts, snow. I am just confused by Covid now. There seem to be as many cases as ever but one by one all the restrictions are going away anyway.
    I had two shots and a booster already. Now they say that over 65’s should have another booster. I’ll be 65 next month so I guess that means I need another one. Luckily apart from the first one which made me feel a bit off for a day I haven’t had any ill effects so I’ll do it because nobody is going to look after me but me it seems.

    • Same here. Bear and Teddy might be a kind of family, but they don’t have opposable thumbs and can’t speak. 🙂 I’m glad I went today because it was so windy most people didn’t want to be out in it. I was the only person at the vaccination bus to get a shot.

  5. Holy cow! That dust. Armageddon is already here. Get it? 😉
    I’m not entitled to the 4th booster. It is limited to over 65s and severely immunocomprised. It is tough luck for anyone under 65 with chronic health conditions. Our national government has also procured precious few anti-virals or monoclonal antibodies. So I wear my mask. Few do. If I get covid, it will be from my neighbours who stand too close to me outside.
    Yep, really over it however now that I am getting treatment for the UTI that I’ve had for the last 4 months, living seems quite a good option again.

  6. I always love reading the first one last! You know how I am…working my way back. What a freaky Spring! That picture looks scary. The weather, Covid, the roller coaster,…yep. So glad you had your Silver Lining after ALL this!! 💛🤗

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