Not-Very-Interesting Quotidian Update

There’s a woman in Wyoming who lives on a small ranch in the Big Horn mountains. She and her daughter raise alpacas and the alpacas are guarded by several dogs just like Bear. Her “outfit” is Bighorn Mountain Alpacas. She’s lately gotten into spinning yarn from the hair of her livestock guardian dogs and weaving it into things. Dog hair yarn is called “Chiengora”. Judging from Bear, that would be pretty soft yarn. She will even spin customers’ dogs’ hair into yarn but no, though I’ve begun the annual brushing of Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog (it takes 3 months to finish that job) I’m not doing it.

I watched a Canada goose (gander) woo a dame (goose) yesterday and it didn’t go well for the gander. I kind of get WHY but knowing that everything he was doing was 100% in the goose line of courtship, I have to take a step back from that. Anyway, the poor guy didn’t get a soft rejection. Courtship season (now) in the Big Empty is a little less territorial and violent than breeding season, but it’s still pretty dangerous. The poor gander bobbed and bobbed and bobbed his goose head at his wouldbe lady love. She watched him for a while, then he moved a little closer, still bobbing, and she turned and walked away, heading into the pond. I felt kind of bad for that gander. I didn’t stay to see what happened next, if he followed her into the pond or took his suit elsewhere.

Otherwise? There is absolutely NOTHING going on out here in the back-of-beyond (so far) and that’s

FINE with me.

20 thoughts on “Not-Very-Interesting Quotidian Update

  1. ’tis the season. I saw a couple of pigeons here (Victoria, BC) doing their little courtship dance on the busy city street. Not sure how they made out either. It seemed to me the ladies weren’t too impressed.

  2. Hehe! The Canada geese here are taking it to the streets! They hold up traffic in the pursuit of love… Meanwhile the boy robins have been attacking their reflections in car side mirrors, reflective picture windows and every now and then an actual rival… So far I’ve not found a bird body but one of them left a bloody print on the bay window!

    • Poor things! It’s not easy being a bird. I wonder what they actually mean when they say “free as a bird”? I don’t think it’s all kicks and giggles in bird world!

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