To Say I’m Not Starting Seeds Inside this Year

We start tomato seeds inside in March
By June (yes!) it will be warm enough to plant
Outdoors and months before they fruit. Sun’s arch
Moves north, but at this altitude, warmth is scant.
I saved seeds from last year, good tomatoes,
Basil and beans, but — gasp — what if I would
Wait until May and sow seeds in the ground?
Save us all this long, precocious childhood?
I know the spring start keeps us, uh, rooted
In the furtive “normal,” of the seasons,
But late frosts can prove our efforts futile.
Last I checked, the ground was dry and frozen.
A luxurious dilemma, right?
While others in the world run for their lives.

Bottom line? Maybe I’ll buy plants at a nursery this year. 🤣

This is another Shakespearean sonnet, not a great one, but reading some of Shakespeare’s actual sonnets, some of his were (in the language of Upstart Crow) “that which helps plants grow, but is not water.”

I had a freaky experience with one of the old journals yesterday — a drawing of mountains I did in 2002 and guess what mountains I had drawn? Yeah. And I had never, ever seen them. Here you go. The top is the drawing from my journal. The middle is the painting I do on the back of all my paintings and use as my “logo” on my business cards. The bottom is the mountains as they looked last week when I went out to see the Cranes with Bear and Teddy. Truly, there are “more things in Heaven and Hell…” etc.

20 thoughts on “To Say I’m Not Starting Seeds Inside this Year

  1. Starting seeds inside is one of the ways to convince myself that summer will come again. I also will not be starting seeds this year, as I’ll be busy during those early days in the ground when they need attention.

    • The yield I get (other than from the beans) isn’t worth the work. I expect to plant beans because when they’re green they’re tasty. Dried? Not the best beans I’ve ever had but they are beautiful. It takes until September for the tomatoes to mature, even cherry tomatoes so… I dunno what I’ll do this year but it will take less water and less time! 😀

  2. OK that’s pretty cool that you drew what you had never seen, or maybe in a past life??? I do well with seeds and rarely buy plants except for herbs but my friend who lives a few miles away has no success with seeds and only buys plants. We can’t figure it out.

    • I do OK with seeds, but I think I’ve started way too early — I got here with a San Diego county grow calendar in my head? Heart? I dunno. Then I learned that my friends start their seeds in March which is truly insane since the last frost here is June 1 (if we’re lucky). That means almost three months of little pots of dirt in the living room and plants get tired in those little pots too long so I have to repot them. Not doing it any more. 🙂

  3. We planted a quarter pound of buffalo grass in our back yard yet despite a couple of weeks of 70 and 80+ weather none of it has sprouted. Not a single seed. I think my green thumb has turned browinsh-grey.

  4. Sparky tried seeds and the ding-dang birds scratched them out of the ground (except for the kale and mesclun seed mix). Then he started them inside but have no east/west facing windows so they were light deprived and sickly. He has resigned himself to purchasing plants from the garden center… He does okay. (He is going to attempt radishes again so maybe we’ll get a harvest.) I’m hoping we can plant some more basil! The drawing of your mountains was prophetic – truly it was meant to be!!

  5. MAK,….the MOUNTAINS…wow. You saw them years ago! I got goosebumps. Yesterday, high of 75, my 82 year old neighbor help me put together my new bright yellow rolling tool cart. I sat out my growing containers and thought about what a “tease” this weather is, lol. Inside my little house my hydroponics tiny grower has cilantro FINALLY growing. And different types of lettuce that all began as seeds. Last year I bought my starter container of tomatoes! I’m THINKING of seeds in my little grower. And even flower seeds…Happy Spring MAK. Me and Finn are sending love and hugs always. ♥️🥰🌻

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