Had a beautiful walk with Teddy this morning and, as we were leaving the Refuge, I saw something I’ve wanted to see for a long time — a herd of elk! I’ve seen their tracks and their poop, but not them. They were pretty far away. I watched them as long as I could see them, running away with their zig-zag evasive tactics across a barley field toward the mountains.

I appreciate your response to the first part of the story I posted a few days ago. I set it to private for now. I’ve finished that chapter and might post it later — or just keep going. Thank you everyone who took the time to read it. ❤

44 thoughts on “Elk!

  1. fun to see elk, although my sister who lives in Estes Park might disagree, as they routinely block traffic and eat her garden. I got halfway through your story posting and then was interrupted. I’d likely read the rest as well. Happy writing!

    • Thanks Steph! I had some friends in the mountains outside San Diego whose garden was constantly molested by deer. Once I took my husky/wolf mix up there when I was invited for dinner. She saw the deer and started to howl. The deer high tailed it out of there. The next thing I heard from my friend was that he and his wife were howling at the deer! I don’t know how convincing they were…

  2. Nice elk! I have seen white tail deer, mule deer and moose in the wild but never elk.

    If the effort of tackling a full blown novel is daunting, maybe you could us it for the basis of a short story or a novella.

    • Thank you! I am continuing — meanwhile I discovered Boethius (???) Wow. Not very relevant to anything, but… I love the time machine of writing historical fiction.

  3. Elk! Wow! You are so lucky!!! I’d like to see some elk… I’m so grateful that I got to read that snippet of your story. I hope you are able to finish it and get it to publication!! (and if you ever wanted to have a little preview for input, I’m pretty sure there are several on WP who would accommodate you!)

    • I feel lucky to have seen them! I’ve only seen elk four times — once they were VERY far away on a mountain in Montana. Another time they were near a lake in the mountains northwest of here. Then, one day I saw a very large herd in the woods beside the river a half mile or so away from where Bear and I were hiking. ALL of them were facing away from us. I KNOW they’re always around, but seldom visible to me. They are just so big and interesting. I don’t know about publishing the story. Time will tell on that. 😀 What about your poems?

  4. Seeing elk always lifts my spirit. They’re beautiful creatures. In the Ponca/Bodley area, where I hike on the Buffalo River of AR, there are elk. I’ll not forget (I have photos) of Finn and I’d solo trip in 2018 and driving a scenic Hwy between Boise, ID to Missoula, MT. We were climbing elevation in the mountains when a baby elk crosses in front of us to meet Momma. I felt like angels were crossing with us. ❣️

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