Quotidian Update 031.2c.vii

The featured photo has nothing whatever to do with the weather here in Heaven today. It’s a nostalgia shot from the 12+ inches of snow we got somewhere in the dim past, which is to say 2019. In the litany of my life’s regrets is the one where I pine over not having skied every single day that year. Never never never again will I be so profligate with snow. One problem, though, is that it’s as much fun to walk a dog in snow like that as it is to ski on it. Less exhilarating, maybe, or differently exhilarating. Anyway, it’s only January so I continue to hope that the snow is just delayed but still might come. March is often the snowiest month in Colorado. FYI, the boots in the photo are 12 inches high. Sigh…

For my birthday, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog was sent a bed of her own. She loves it. It’s immense, as it would have to be as she is — in the word’s of Elizabeth’s son, “A small horse.”

I wasn’t sure she would use it. She doesn’t like change, but the first night she went right to it. The friend who sent it to me has one for his dog, Frosty, and she loves his. Either Frosty is a good host or he thought, “Damn, she’s big!” and lets Bear have his bed when we visit. It’s fun to watch her dig into it and turn around in it (both directions) making it just right before she lies down. The good news for me is that I can now get rid of the easy chair she destroyed and used to contort herself to sleep in, though now Teddy thinks the chair is his bed. Probably the answer is to get him a bed, too.

This place is really going to the dogs, I guess. I’m thinking of turning the studio into a living room for people, you know, with a sofa, etc. but I know that the dogs would just follow me in there and I’d miss them if they didn’t. Besides, it’s cold in there.

12 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 031.2c.vii

  1. Happy Birthday indeed! Wishing you many more too, Martha. The bed looks comfy. Loki has one abut the same size, but without the side rail. He loves it. The first bed he chewed into itty bitty pieces by the billions. The next one lasted more than a week, ok, a year. Then he destroyed it and he slept on the floor. As a result, the new bed is precious and he takes great care of it, lol. Who says old dogs ( ok he’s 3) can’t learn new tricks! lol.

  2. I’m so happy that Bear is enjoying your gift! I am always curious when there are two dogs and one bed if they end up taking turns, share the space together, or one claims it solely…

  3. I hope you had the best birthday, Martha. Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog’s bed is big and beautiful (like him). I think all posts that go to the dogs are perfect! I was thinking of you last night when FaceTiming my oldest in Fairbanks with 18 inches of snow that won’t thaw until April. He needed ski’s to get to the rec area in which he was worried his camper roof would cave. I hope your Narnia comes soon and the ski’s come out. Finn and me send love and hugs to all 3 of you. 🐶❣️🥰

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