I love the comedian Eddie Izzard, and one of his routines (older routine) involves the grim reaper, grandmothers and hopscotch. As I approached this mystical number — 70 — I thought of that routine and laughed. One of the bits is that when women reach a certain stage of life they get the “gran coat” and wear a “cake on their heads.” (Think Queen Elizabeth.) That always cracked me up because I grew up in an era where grown up ladies wore fancy hats.

Yesterday, as my friends and I proceeded on the legendary “doing of Del Norte,” of song and story, we passed a general store/antique shop/thrift shop and in the window of that shop was a hat tree and on that hat tree were — cakes! I mean gran hats.

Anyway, it was an awesome birthday full of sweet surprises and friendship. I appreciate everyone’s good wishes here! The dreaded day couldn’t have been better. It included a video call with my step-family in Indiana during which we discovered we could do cool things with our phones. Afterward my step-daughter-in-law put together this “card.”

I wouldn’t say I’m starting out a new year with a clean slate since I have a lot of projects hanging fire, but I’m glad the “milestone” is behind me.

29 thoughts on “Chapeaux

  1. I have many many hats, most of ’em the baseball type, but not all. It’s kinda like my daughter and her shoes. When she was a kid, we called her “Imelda.”

  2. So many hats I wore growing up, for church, in school, in Scouts. Probably why I became a ‘no hat’ kinda gal later in life. So glad you had fun on your birthday.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday!! I remember those hats. One in particular of my grandmother that was teal coloured, that looked like a bunch of flower petals and most definitely the shape and size of a two layered cake. She was 4 foot nothing and it probably added at least a foot to her height. She wore it and a matching dress to my brother’s wedding. I actually love all those old cake hats, not that I have ever worn one.

  4. Hehe! My great grandmother and my grandmother and even my mother wore hats every Sunday to church!! And my Great grandmother had “cake” hats! Her big secret was that being Methodist, she wasn’t supposed to wear make-up. So she’d wet one of the rose petals on her hat and color her lips! Such scandal if she was ever found out!!

  5. I remember my grandma wearing hats with veils. I don’t remember my mom’s hats as clearly, but I do remember dressing up to go downtown. For mom that always meant gloves.

  6. After watching Izzard, I understand why I’m still going strong as I approach 70 (and male). I played hopscotch and skipped rope as a child. Maybe I have the Grim Reaper fooled (for now).

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