My Smart Little Dog

In other news, I took the dogs out on this spring-like day (grrrrrr) for a walk. I’d hoped only to go with Bear but Teddy is smarter than both Bear and I. On the first half, Bear walked beside me while Teddy pulled to the left and smelled things and left his own smells along the way. On the other half, Teddy decided to walk beside me at heel on my right — Bear’s side. Noticing this, I loosened my hold on Bear’s leash and let her ramble and smell to my left.

To my total amazement, Teddy walked at heel on my right the whole way back, allowing Bear to sniff and pee and roll in the snow. He has learned this ON HIS OWN and decided to do this BECAUSE HE WANTS to. Until now, if Bear was going to get a slow dog-ramble, I had to take her by herself. I can’t let each of them walk loose-leashed because they are pretty powerful together and will find things to fascinate them that are in opposite directions. 😀

I’m so impressed by the intelligence of that little guy. As we walked along he kept watching me to be sure he was doing it right. It’s not like I didn’t teach him this; I did but this is the first evidence I’ve ever had that he remembered the hours of training back in 2019 when we had more opportunities. He seems to have put the whole thing together and determined that if Bear gets to ramble and sniff on our walks, he gets to go every time. He discovered the appropriate compromise.

16 thoughts on “My Smart Little Dog

  1. I love Aussies for that very reason! They are smart and can figure things out!! Teddy is brilliant and deserves an extra ear scratch from me!! Sorry that your weather turned warmish. We are anticipating more snow and a possible snow day tomorrow…

  2. Good boy! Give him a scratch behind the ear for me. So sorry your weather has swung back to spring like. We’ve just spent the last few days back in the freezer.

  3. Teddy! We are proud of you! Bear, you’re the best, too. –Finley and Karla
    P.S. the cold/light snow with a bit of freeze ALMOST kept me from getting Dad (he’ll be 80 in February) to his M.R.I. Mom was a mess. We made it and got the best news a bit ago–BENIGN! After 3 cancers, congestive heart failure, a brain aneurism that required the old-fashioned craniotomy, well, you get it, Dad thought the cancer was going to get him again; this time in the liver. I have a biopsy scheduled for Monday. I want the word “benign” to be my new favorite word.

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