Quotidian Update 1 for the New Year

It’s kind of fun in a warped way to get up to a 35 F/1.6 C kitchen. That’s how January is supposed to be, so I’m totally good with it. I got up a little before I wanted to really face the day and let the dogs out. I leave the kitchen door open a bit so what could I expect? Here in the back of beyond we leave our water running a little in winter to keep the pipes from freezing. When the word came down from the powers that be that it was time for everyone in the town to do that, I wondered about the people who moved here in 2020 to realize their dreams of living in the country and built big, fancy houses here. I’m not insinuating that they shouldn’t have done that, but, well, yeah I am. 😀

And, for all the decrying of the communist stimulus money that came down in 2020/21, our town had a higher business profit than any time in history. Go figure. I wish politics would go away, but it seems to have grabbed a piece of my brain and won’t let go.

The local ski area got something like 12 feet of snow in the recent storm which isn’t just good for them but for us. That snow will melt, fill the river and provide water for the farms. The drought hasn’t broken, but every little bit helps.

Featured photo: Wolf Creek Ski area this morning…

16 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 1 for the New Year

  1. In the very first house I bought when I moved here, I had to leave the water dripping when we had hard freezes. The house was built in the early 1900’s with zero insulation and no enclosed foundation. Some people leave their sprinklers on, and to see the frozen water ‘sculptures’ from them in the morning is a beautiful thing. Yeah, the water bill would be nuts, but that frozen water is quite the sight.

    • In Florida???? Wow. I’m going to have rethink that whole state. My house in the mountains outside San Diego also had no insulation. It was cold in winter, 20 F, and the pipes would freeze. Luckily none broke (whew).

      If I left my sprinklers on here I’d have a bigger situation than a sculpture in my yard. -10 or -20 means the pipes would freeze under the house. 🙂

      • When most people think of Florida, they’re thinking Orlando or Miami. I’m way up in the Panhandle, so we get all kinds of weather. You’d see people outside with hair dryers on extension cords trying to unfreeze the pipes. My insurance was cancelled on that first house because it was built off-grade. That was fun for a young, single, first-time homeowner to navigate, but once I got the insurance squared, all these years later, I’m still with the same company.

        • Wow. You’re right. I think of the Atlantic Coast and the ONLY place in Florida I remember, Ft. Walton Beach where were stayed for a week or so why my dad gave a paper at Eglin AFB. Now I know that’s on the panhandle because I just looked it up! I remember it well and I loved it. OK, I was 5, but it was memorable and beautiful.

          The only people who would insure my Descanso house was Lloyds of London! After the fire — when the fuel was mostly gone — anyone would insure it. What a lesson that was!

  2. The time is approaching when we will have to keep the cabinet doors open under the sink in the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom…

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