And Out in the Big Empty…

And then, after a pretty loop, we found ourselves in a bliss-ard I mean a blizzard. Very very very wonderful way to spend an hour. Tracks everywhere. Teddy pulls this way. Bear pulls that way. Awesome. Snow is the best because I can see what we’re hunting. And yes, I know that’s a ridiculously flattering photo. I may be selling autographed copies. I’ll let you know.

15 thoughts on “And Out in the Big Empty…

  1. You’re in heaven! Bear and Teddy, what snow angels you all are! ❄️ ❄️💕🐶🐶 Finn and I would like to purchase an autographed copy! When is your birthday, btw? What a great January 1st! Finn and me ❣️❄️

  2. Dang it, WP–don’t unfollow me from Martha’s blog! I coulda missed out on the autographed photo!! 😂 I think I’m back in the loop again. Geez…

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