I was out there with both dogs this morning. The wind blew like a mofo and not always from the same direction. Took Bear and Teddy on their favorite narrow smell-trail, Teddy for the first time this fall, oops, winter. Well, fall, too. Deer poop all over the place and the deers’ direction was across the trail into the willows to the west. Later on I’d see their beautiful, foot-dragging, meandering toe-tracks on the dirt road. Pretty anywhere, but prettier in the snow (hint hint).

Teddy was his usual menace to life on this planet. Bear was for-Bearing of his behavior and stayed at heel. Though it was windy, and every direction was uphill, the snow-covered peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains gleamed in the changing light. Behind me, the San Juans — less than five miles away — were veiled in a snow squall that wouldn’t reach the valley. I stopped to take the above photo and asked the universe (which I call God for wont of a better name) “Did I do OK with all the gifts you gave me?”

And it replied. “Look around you. See where you are? See who you’re with?”

That pretty much settled the question.

From “The Examined Life” I have no idea which volume…

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