Waiting for Snow

When I got up, there was a snow sky outside. The humidity is up to 40% and the temperature is warm for this time of year. All signs point to the possibility that we’re finally going to get some snow (as is forecast, sort of), but I don’t think we will get much. Bear and I are no longer picky. We’ll take a centimeter, half a centimeter, we’ll even take inches and feet. We’re not even going to measure it at this point. The good thing about this is that it absolutely clarifies decision making. If snow then go outside. But it’s not looking good. The sun is back out.

Facebook, which faithfully shows me my memories, had this to offer today, an image of Teddy’s first winter and first experience “tracking.” He hasn’t had a second chance, really.

I recognize that white stuff and the tracks of my deers, but man!!! OH well… The featured photo is five years ago.

And so… From here in the back-of-beyond…

15 thoughts on “Waiting for Snow

  1. Started raining here Wednesday night and Friday morning it is starting to let up. Looks like a 2 day break and another storm will track through. Our mountains are covered with snow at 5000 ft. and maybe after the next storm we’ll go visit it.

  2. Ranger hated snow – he’d walk like a cat! Water from a sprinkler on the other hand was a perfect plaything! Merry Christmas! (I am wishing for snow for you!!)

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