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I started my blog here after I read a book giving instructions for sure-fire sales of one’s independently published novel. “You MUST have a WordPress Blog!” said the author. I had already had a blog on Blogger for a few years, but what the hey…

Strangely enough, I did NOT become a best-selling author as a result of having a blog on WordPress. I DID find a few readers for my books. I found an international community of very interesting, caring people who mean at LEAST as much to me as becoming a bestselling author. In fact, considering how poorly I dealt with strangers buying one of my paintings, I don’t think I was designed for fame. Fortune, though, that would be awesome. Still, if I had to choose between fortune and the people I’ve gotten to know in this world, I’d take the people. The importance of this community to me REALLY hit home in 2020.

Some of the blogs I follow I’ve followed since I signed up. Some of my readers have emerged from the “ether” of this online world into my 3 dimensional existence. My personal life experiences (each life is finite) have expanded from sharing experiences with others through all of our blogs. It’s amazing that we can do this now and I’m very grateful for it.

27 thoughts on “In other news

  1. Right?!? I’ve met so many interesting people through my blog, including you! And I am the proud owner of one of your paintings. It’s one of the first pieces of artwork I hung in my new house.

    • I love that! I also love that the title “Lenticular clouds…” spoke to you. It speaks to me. They’re happening all around right now — snow on Thursday night. ❤

  2. I blog so infrequently that it’s laughable. But the coolest part of it is the people I have been compelled to follow. Your blog is one I’m happy with every day. Thanks.

  3. 8 years! That’s wonderful, Martha ❤️ I understand how it all started for you. Finding you(and Bear, Teddy, and your beautiful life) has made my life richer. ❤️🐾❣️

  4. Yes, you are so right. It’s ok about the people and the real connections made and trust built. It’s my pleasure to be one of your readers and congratulations-

  5. I feel pretty grateful for the connections made. Ophelia sends her greetings and wishes Bear and Teddy a happy solstice. Let the snow commence!

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