Here’s where the drawing was going…

It remains to be seen if I can paint it. But I have good help…

“How’s it going, Martha?”
“Pretty good, little guy.”
“Oh good. Are you going to feed me soon?”
“Yep, pretty soon.”
“Thanks for the walk. I’m glad all three of us could go together.”
“Me too, Teddy. It was wonderful.”

20 thoughts on “Here’s where the drawing was going…

    • He’s one cute little guy and incredibly smart. He has a big vocabulary and responds to hand gestures. I realized last night I’ve been training him without trying. After living with Siberian huskies so long — and Bear who’s cooperative rather than obedient — it’s pretty cool to have a dog who learns from me.

      • I get it. Toulouse responded to hand gestures and would look right into me asking if something was okay. I swear he had a sense of humor. I miss that boy every day. You don’t get over it, you just get used to it. But yeah, that look Teddy has in the photo reminds me of my dear Toulouse.

  1. I love your conversations with Bear and Teddy. Teddy is so polite. The drawing is great. With the cranes added, the fog (for me) has disappeared!

    • Cranes have that power! ❤ Teddy is VERY polite. I wish you could see him when he wants to go for a walk. It's so cute and so polite. He sits, sticks his neck out, cocks his head and looks intently at me. Sometimes he kind of marches in place with his front feet. He's NOT polite on the leash, but now that the three of us can walk together, he will improve.

  2. I’m loving the cranes in the drawing!! I do hope they become a painting… As for Teddy – I’m smitten. He is so earnest and focused. Most Aussie attempt to communicate telepathically – they stare and send though waves at their humans… Also great that all 3 of you went for a walk together! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Teddy is a wonderful helper Martha! I love your drawing with the cranes and imagine it would look good in pen and ink too 💜

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