It’s Snowing!!! Oops. It stopped. The sun’s back out.

I don’t know what it is about snow but it just makes me deeply happy. When it starts, I feel every muscle in my body relax. I know all the “facts” about snow, its dangers, and the dangers of cold, but for some reason none of that affects my feelings about it. I really do wait for it all year. We’re not supposed to get much — a centimeter they say — but that’s not nothing, and it’s a promise. Maybe. I know I live in a desert but still…

Winter 2018/2019 was a very snowy winter and the Rio Grande flooded from the snow melt. My local ski area (golf course) was groomed and the tracks lasted for almost 3 months. It snowed that much and stayed that cold. I kick myself now for every day I DIDN’T go out there. It was odd for people down here to worry about too much water.

The downhill ski area up the mountain has gotten a meter in this storm so it seems the San Juans are doing their job of scraping the precipitation from the clouds. It’s OK.

My job today is to get tomorrow’s reading under control. It should be, but it’s not, so here goes…

The featured photo is Bear at the golf course meditating on the beauty of my ski tracks (and those of other people) when the local ski area was in optimal condition three years ago.

40 thoughts on “It’s Snowing!!! Oops. It stopped. The sun’s back out.

    • For me it’s the best. I combine it with Bear in the Big Empty intoxication whenever possible. Once I was up in the Lagunas (CA) with my wolf/dog. It was her first time in the snow. I lay down to make a snow angel. Ariel looked at me for a moment like she thought I was nuts then she threw herself on her back beside me and made one too. That dog was VERY good as snow intoxication.

  1. We had snow and then it melted before we got a chance to take our Christmas card photo! I never thought I’d say it but – – – I need snow in 2 days or the photo will be indoors with the tree!

  2. I think I will like snow a lot more this year now that I won’t have to drudge thru it to deal with horses and chickens. We are also in a valley now so word is we won’t get much snow. Which is fine by me- we can always go see it up in the mountains

  3. What is it about snow? Here’s my take:
    Snow is slow, usually. Just watching it drift down is relaxing. You can catch it as it falls.
    Snow is clean. It’s whispers “purity.” It “washes” the air, covers ground dirt and impurities.
    It’s soft. Much more fun to land in snow than on the bare, cold ground.
    Snow is moldable. Snow angels, snow balls, snow people.
    Snow is life-giving. Those of us who live in dry lands welcome it with open arms.
    Sure hope we get a lot more this month.
    How’s that? 🙂

  4. I’m thinking snow thoughts now. It is so humid, I turned on our A/C. Kills me because we just received notice that our power company merged with another in the state and, of course, we will get ‘better service,’ but our rates are going up. I’ll take snow over a high power bill to keep me cool.

    • My rates went up, too and it blows me away that the utility company is giving me suggestions about lowering my bill when I’m using less of EVERYTHING than I did last year. Grrrrrrr…..

  5. I love the peace of snow. It’s such a miracle. I was happy when we had SNOW vs Ice….ice storms have made their marks here. Bear, you’re so beautiful. Here’s to more snow ❄️! I’m typing this singing, “Snow, …snow…snow…🎶…from one of my favorite movies~”White Christmas” 🎄🤗❤️❄️❄️🐶

        • It’s terrible. Having been through a fire and having actually THOUGHT about which disaster I’d “prefer” (how’s that for insane?) I’m definitely down with fire over water…

          • That’s a hard call and a sign of how crazy the times are with the weather and environment. I’ve lived here most of my life, flooding is definitely on record. But the fires are new and ever increasing. All we need now is another significant earthquake to the mix. Oh wait, they are getting them on the Oregon Coast. Ugh.

            • Very hard call. What most nuts is that it’s a legit issue. After every fire (in CA, anyway) there is horrible flooding. “lucky” for me, I was in the high country. I’m so saddened by all this. This beautiful world… 😦

  6. We actually had some rain in the last couple of days — maybe 1/4 inch in all, but it was wet! And there is more predicted for Monday/Tuesday! We are now at something like half of last year’s, and that was less than 1/2 of the year before, so we definitely need more, but at least it was wet! I guess I can relate to your love for snow, although this is new for me!

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