December! (“Don’t Be a Naughty Eskimo”)

Warning! All photos in this post (except the forecast) are from 2018/19! It’s dry as a bone here with daytime temperatures in the high 50s low 60s (12c/15c)!!! Yikes!!! The mountains around me are mostly bare of snow. The local ski area is open on weekends with man made snow. They are doing snow dances all the time, I think.

December is upon us and all of the things that brings along with it, in my case a houseguest! Yay! I’m glad that this weekend there is nothing in the forecast but warm temps and sunshine. The pass will be clear for her to drive.

And then December’s social events followed by the blessed, gorgeous hoar-frost-trees cold of January and maybe maybe maybe maybe…. Snow. That beautiful all-too-elusive substance is alleged to be in our forecast for the end of next week, but Bear and I are not holding our breath. Still, December is supposed to be a magical month.

As with most things in life, time will tell. I remember as a kid I didn’t understand what the grownups were saying, but now that’s right up there with the truest words I’ve ever heard.

Here is Bear meditating on the wonder of the groomed Langlauf trail at the golf course. To her left, groomed for walkers and dogs. In front of her, groomed for skiers. But people ski on all of it and hardly anyone walks so… 24 inches packed and long-lasting. If I get this again I will not miss a day. I still need — my skis still need — new bindings.

The seasons here are pretty distinct. In the years I’ve lived here — with a couple of outrageous exceptions — winter hasn’t started for real until after the solstice.

Rio Grande frozen and snow covered, 2019

Maybe I’ll go paint snow… Maybe the dances aren’t enough.

30 thoughts on “December! (“Don’t Be a Naughty Eskimo”)

  1. It’s been really warm on the north Oregon coast, in the 60s. But today…it’s frosty. There’s a rumor that it’ll snow in the Cascades next week. As you say, time will tell.

  2. Temps in the mid-to-upper 70’s here in SoCal! It’s been foggy the last couple of mornings, but otherwise sunny and shirt-sleeve weather. We pray for a little rain, and for snow in your mountains!

  3. It’s 75 here today, Martha. It’s crazy! Bear, you and Mom’s days of the frozen magic are coming soon. Finn and I are dancing with you~our dance specifically includes the “no ice though” steps. Please tell your Mom to fix her snow shoes. Please and thank you. ❤️💛🥰🙏🏻

  4. I won’t tell you what the weather’s like here right now because I don’t want Bear reading over your shoulder and being sad. Conall and Finn are dancing in the snow every day, trying their best to create snow for Bear (and you and Teddy, of course)!

  5. Bloody hell, Martha. That’s wrong.
    We’ve got forecast temps much like yours this comung week. The Christmas cherry crop has been destroyed. Broadacre crops in eastern Australia are under water. Not quite sure how globalisation is going to help when we are in trouble everywhere.

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