The Day After…

I’m sitting here like an apparition, only a fraction of myself, feeling like a truck hit me. Chills, fever, aches everywhere. My experience is that each new Covid shot has more intense side effects. The dogs are confused. Usually I’m glad to see them in the morning, but today? I don’t know why they can’t get their own breakfast. Yes, I’m whining and I’m not sorry. I looked briefly at the news this morning and the first thing I saw was an immense woman in a shirt that made her look like a gigantic, overfilled water balloon holding a sign that said, “I call the shots!” I’m not arguing with her. She could hurt me.

Who ARE we? I read this article yesterday and it made me think. It’s about people in the town of Baker, Oregon, a community not all that different from Heaven: vaccinated-seniors-navigate-life-in-mostly-unvaccinated-rural-america Those of us who are older remember polio, and those older than I am REALLY remember it. And Scarlet Fever. The article looks at that as well as how my peers in Baker are holding on. The last few lines really got me:

…Randy a 72-year-old Marine veteran, sees today as a very different time than polio, when the country had gone through a Depression and World War II. Back then, he says, it felt like there was a greater sense of helping your neighbor. “It wasn’t necessarily about God and country and patriotism, it was you didn’t want to let the guy standing next to you down,” he says.

So, I don’t think I’ll be running any races today or doing much of anything. I got up ONLY because it was the only way I could get a cup of coffee. Bear and Teddy are going to be called upon to do some intense baby-sitting. They won’t mind.Teddy is already on the job. The coffee is starting to kick in. ❤

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  1. I didn’t find my COVID shots quite that bad, but the shingles vaccine I got a couple of weeks ago? Thought it was the end! Hope you feel better soon…

    • It’s getting better, but I’m very tired. Still, as I told my dog, “It’s all about staying alive so we can go out on long walks in the middle of nowhere.” ❤

      • We are heading to 4. lockdown here. Numbers soaring dramatically. 2 titles of songs cover your post: Road to nowhere (talking heads), staying alive (80s disco stuff)

        • Very good! 😀 And Queen — Keep Yourself Alive.

          Numbers here in Colorado have been very high, even out here in the Back of Beyond. I’m coming to grips with the fact that I’m really angry about this, particularly about the people who disrespect those who work so hard to save the lives of strangers. I admire Austria for actually locking down. Even when we were “locked down” in Colorado, people didn’t . The people in my country are all about “freedumb” so…

          • There are a few things about this that make me very sad: The increasing stupidity fueled by social media is scary. The fact that leftists mash up with fascist groups and give up conspiracy theories that are bound to make you angry. If someone, for whatever reason, is against the vaccination, he should at least stay out of it. If we look at which countries suffer the most (Russia, Ukraine, Brazil …) every blind person must notice that it is precisely those countries that have sabotaged vaccination programs. Very sad, the whole thing …

            • I think I’m suffering from older person disillusionment. I thought by the time I reached 70 everyone (in my country) would speak more than one language. Everyone would be curious about other cultures. Everyone would be interested in science even if, like me, they can’t get the right answer to an algebra equation. I thought people were far more curious than they actually are. I agree with you that social media has inflamed people; it’s too easy to find “answers,” and many people lack the desire to investigate the truth of what they’ve “learned.” It’s really sad and, I think, dangerous. 😦

              • I just started to read Huxley’s Brave New world again. All there. And then I found an interview with him (YouTube). What a genius, what a visionary mind….

                • Wow. I was going to mention Brave New World in my last comment to you. How bizarre. I used to teach that book, but an African American student complained to my boss that it was “white people’s literature,” she couldn’t understand it and it was racist for me to teach it. I was reprimanded and told to teach something more “accessible.” That was the first knell on the bell informing me that I would retire pretty soon. That woman had been failed by earlier education and a certain kind of indoctrination and would never ever know that the book was written for HER. I love Aldous Huxley and, that student aside, some of my loveliest teaching moments involved that book. Most students identified with the Savage, not realizing it was their own indoctrination that made them see themselves that way. So many fascinating questions in that book and it IS all there. My dad gave it to me to read when I was 12. It had a huge effect on me. So did Island. I’ll have to look for the interview.

                  • “Most students identified with the Savage, not realizing it was their own indoctrination that made them see themselves that way” – and he described this phenomenon very well. And yet? We are all that brainwashed and if one points with his finger on that we would deny because we watch a private TV channel or eat kangaroo-burger or whatever we do that makes us so unique sheeples…..

                    • Maybe we have to be “sheeples”. It seems to be part of our biological imperative to form communities of compromise and definition for our survival. I don’t see anyway out of it and if we found one, we’d still be labeled and a part of our world. It’s like that bit in Monty Python’s Life of Brian when Brian is speaking from a high window at the crowd of his followers and says, “Don’t follow me! You are all individuals!” They all reply in unison, “We are all individuals!” And one guy yells, “Uh, I’m not.” That’s us!

                    • The Emperor’s new clothes are made of alternative fabric – and delta-class applauding again. Nothing changed. Monty Python are brilliant. Not sure if you are familiar with what’s going on at stock trading platforms like Robinhood. While “alpha plus” make tons of money in the real world, “delta” is following hypes and loosing those tons. Tragedy without end…

            • Dear Martha Kennedy and Friedrich Zettl 狐胡,

              Once again, I enjoy your long conversation here.

              I can’t agree with you more. It is very harrowing to see how communities have/had been devastated by Covid-19, and in the past, the AIDS epidemic which began 40 years ago, and of course, polio and scarlet fever.

              Human nature seems to remain largely the same 40 years later. It is often futile to reason with misguided folks, purveyors of ignorance and hatred, plus antivaxxers and antimaskers who endanger other people’s lives, not to mention more variants that will surface, and the latest being the Delta Plus variant. I wonder whether similar dramas will be tragically repeated once the AIDS vaccine is available to the public.

              Needless to say, due to misinformation and disinformation, 2020 had been a difficult year, not to mention having to deal with the pandemic. It was all quite surreal, perhaps in some ways more bizarre than ghosts and the paranormal (not that I believe in such things). One could indeed say that we live in interesting times, but often for the wrong reasons. It is all quite a big mess in danger of getting bigger still. Even a global pandemic still cannot unite folks in the USA and wake them up. Perhaps it will take an even bigger crisis to do so, such as a series of climate change disasters.

              The best and most dedicated amongst the likes of us are also inveterate teachers of everlasting, transcendental wisdom to save humans from themselves, their self-interests and their destructive ways. I often even have to coin new words to do so. The latest examples are my three neologisms “Misquotation Pandemic“, “Disinformation Polemic” and “Viral Falsity“, as discussed in my extensive and analytical post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠“, which you can easily locate at the Home page of my website. This post of mine has twelve major sections (plus a detailed annotated gallery) instantly accessible from a navigational menu.

              Wishing you a productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most!

              Happy November to both of you!

              Yours sincerely,

              • Thank you for joining in! Back in the polio days, here in the US, (I was already alive) everyone was ready to get their children and selves vaccinated as soon as a vaccine was available. Those people were very different from Americans today, I think. They’d made it through the Depression and WW II and were used to helping each other out. It was a different sense of community and not this intense political division we’re dealing with now. I haven’t figured out how protecting the lives of others is political, but apparently it is.

                And HIV/AIDS? Oh my god. What a mess! I lost three friends to HIV/AIDS, all gay, and back then it was so horrifying that anyone would be homosexual that there was even a contingent of people who thought the gay men deserved to die! I don’t know what would have happened if it hadn’t shown up in blood transfusions. My country is sexually very puritanical (more even than the Puritans were) and that sad disease hit all the wrong places. Awful.

                You’re completely right that it’s futile to argue with these people. I don’t. Sometime last summer with a friend who wasn’t vaccinated and so didn’t want to eat inside a restaurant on a blistering hot day, I finally understood. I’m supposed to tolerate her unwillingness to protect other people? To basically let them die? That’s what it is. A good friend got Covid after being vaccinated, OK, but her husband has severe lung problems. He’s vaccinated, too, but he was very very ill. There is absolutely nothing kind, rational, humane about NOT being vaccinated if a person can. So yeah. Why should I talk to such people about anything? You’re right; these are interesting times for the wrong reasons. 🙂

                • Dear Martha,

                  Thank you for your well-reasoned and well-informed reply. I concur with you regarding the issues that you broached. A pandemic can indeed bring out the best and the worst in people.

                  I would be very delighted if you could be so kind as to visit and comment on my said post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠“, as I am certainly very keen and curious about what you will make of it, especially given your interests and expertise.

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                  I would like to inform you that our highly esteemed Friedrich Zettl has recently submitted a very nice comment to my other post entitled “Strong Wind Knows Tough Grass” at


                  I wonder what you think of his comment and my post there. Thank you in anticipation.

                  Your dog is very adorable!

                  Yours sincerely,

              • Thank you, Sound Eagle, for sharing your thoughts! Your 3 neologisms are very innovative and impressive.

                As for pandemics and epidemics … well, they will keep coming back but I’m relatively certain that science, and especially medicine, can keep some mischief away. In the field of medicine, in particular, there are fundamentally great advances when we consider that areas such as biotechnology in medicine are only just beginning.

                What worries me more is the rapidly falling levels in some parts of the population. Martha used the term “freedumb” and it couldn’t be more apt. A large part of these “freedumbs” actually really think that they are free. Their “freedom” consists in being able to zap between 20 or more TV channels. Or rather, between the commercials of these channels. These commercial blocks are then annoyingly interrupted with something like a program, e.g. soaps. But these series are so empty and boring that they have been pepped up with “canned laughing” so that the target group doesn’t doze off before the next advertising block can be placed.

                The next morning they are free to decide themselves whether they want to settle their debts with the credit card company A or V first or get a new credit card M so that they can continue to consume undisturbed. But of course it has nothing to do with manipulation or brainwashing …

                I could think of a lot more, but this is probably not the place to be.

                • For some people freedom means they get to do whatever they feel like at any given moment. It’s THAT superficial. The concepts involved in liberty vs. freedom are WAY beyond them, never crossed their minds, never introduced to them in school — I don’t know. But…

  2. They only reaction I had to the booster was a sore arm for about 24 hours. With it being only half the dose, I was surprised to have even that.
    Whoever’s being babysat is very lucky. Look at that face–Teddy, you are so darn cute.
    I got sick when I saw the news this morning that Trump is planning on running in 2024. I was hoping he’d still be in jail by then…

  3. I had my booster on Thursday and was extremely cranky. However, the crankiness may have been from a tongue biopsy the day before. I couldn’t eat or talk and was using a walker due to arthritic hip pain,(from over exercising). Otherwise, think, I would have suffered with only a sore arm.
    I share you sympathy with health/medical care community suffering because of vaccine refusal and say, the Refusalers ( can a verb be made into a noun?) are dying from stupidity. Claudia

  4. Sorry to hear the booster made you sick. Several people I work with felt like death warmed over for 24 hours (most starting 12 hours after the vaccine) after the third one. Only one person was sick >24 hours. I hope you feel better soon. The third one had the least effect on me. I was required to get the first two when I had two days off after it, just in case – so I’d be sick on my own time. I was fine. The third one was not offered on Saturdays, so I worked the next two days after it with no problem. The effect does not appear predictable. The sickest people I knew were not the oldest.

    • I’m pretty OK now, just tired. The second one was the worst. It makes me feel sorry for all the people who got it without knowing what it was back in February last year. It also makes me glad we have vaccines, very glad we have vaccines. I wouldn’t wish the way I felt when I got up this morning on anyone. I slept part of this afternoon.

  5. I just got my Moderna booster yesterday. It became sore after about 2 hours and overnight the injection site became swollen and inflamed. Woke up this morning feeling like someone had hit me in the shoulder very hard with a hammer and didn’t get out of bed until 1 pm. My other usual sites for aches and pains, (knees and lower back) were really acting up. I think I’ll be back to functional tomorrow.

    The 2nd shot in the series is the one that really knocked me out. I was too fatigued the next day to walk father than the bathroom.

    I am expecting this to become an annual thing, like flu shots. COVID isn’t going away. Welcome to the new normal.

    Back in the goodle days it would just have raged through the population until everyone who didn’t have a natural immunity would be recovered from it or dead and then it would go away until the next time. Kind of like plague. My sore deltoid muscle is a miracle of modern medicine.

    • I think it will be an annual thing, too. Like you, all the places in my body that hurt, hurt now, especially the recently injured shoulder and the foot I broke 2 years ago. Same thing happened after my flu shot last week. I feel mostly OK now except for pain in the weak areas (strange my brain seems ok… 😉 ).

      I was talking with the woman at the museum about the numerous children’s graves with no names in the cemetery from 1884. Scarlet fever ran rampant through the San Luis Valley. There was nothing to do back then but quarantine and people did it with. notes on their front doors, signed by doctors, with red stamps. My mom told me about that when she was growing up and measles went through Hardin, MT.

      I think she should do a VERY graphic exhibit of THAT. Old doors with quarantine notes and black ribbons. I haven’t suggested it, but I think it’s a good idea. And then in the next room or through a tunnel or something an exhibit of penicillin and sick children from later years getting shots and getting well and then one of kids lined up for polio vaccines and behind them kids in iron lungs, on crutches, with braces on their legs. I don’t think she has the energy to put this together and the county might not approve of such “propaganda” but it’s history.

  6. I have a friend (my age), haven’t seen him for a long time, whose parents denied him the polio vaccine. He ended up in an iron lung for months. The parents used that opportunity to go do God’s work before returning later to collect their child. How horrendous! It is just a reminder of what a $#%^ed up world we live in. A few days (or even a month) feeling not crash hot seems a small price to pay for keeping the whole community healthy.

    • I completely agree. I feel pretty much OK now except all the broken bits are painful, but tomorrow they’ll be better, too. A few years ago measles ran wild in a couple of California towns and the anti-vaxxer parents thought that was fine that their kids were taking measles to school to infect godnose what immune-challenged kid might be in their classroom. I don’t know what’s with people except they don’t know or care or something what the cost might be to others. I almost died of measles. I was delirious with a very high fever for three days. They sent for my grandmother to be there with my mom when I kicked it. Clearly I didn’t kick it and came back to real(ish) life to find my grandma sitting on the bed with her hand on my forehead, probably she was praying. I loved her so much. ❤

      • I’m so happy to hear that. I’ve been saying prayers. I told Finley about your nurses. She was happy too. We send you love and hugs from SW MO as we begin a new month, cold air coming in, and the woods calling our names. 💛🐾🤗❤️

  7. Sorry to hear you’ve had some side effects. It’s always comforting to know our furry pals will stick by us when we are under the weather. I haven’t had my covid booster yet, but did have my flu shot last week.

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