One Man’s Note is Another Man’s Symphony

approach, looking, street, breath, strange

We turn off the street — a short state highway —
Looking south for safety, turn onto the gravel road
and stop. I jump out of the car, release my happy dog and
Take a deep breath
Relieved and free.
The clouds bring the sky close
The light on the distant mountains is strange and changeable
Beneath the approaching storm.

this poem-like-thing is in response to a challenge posted on Life Lessons (link below)

13 thoughts on “One Man’s Note is Another Man’s Symphony

        • I met an old high school classmate for lunch. I came home exhausted, sorry for her and happy we could get together, but happy I am a free human living in a beautiful place. Nothing went wrong. It was just rather grueling. I guess my little poem was me taking my mind out for a walk with Bear since I couldn’t go this afternoon. 🙂

  1. I loved the line “the sky brings the clouds close” and so they do! It was like Ophelia and I have been on that same journey before!

    • I love my world. Today made me even more grateful to be here with the ability to experience it. ❤ It seems to me if you can geocache in North Dakota you could probably do that in the San Luis Valley. 😉

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