Walk with a Friend

Lucky for Bear, she can’t read the weather forecast or she would be feeling all the emotions of disappointment, betrayal, longing. Snow was predicted at a VERY high percentage of probability. I fully expected and/or hoped to wake up to a tiny sift of snow on the ground. Yesterday I found Bear napping in her “snow” spot in the yard, the spot against the fence which is the last to see the snow and ice vanish in spring. As things turned out, it didn’t snow, and she’s just lying here on the floor per usual chewing on a rawhide pencil. It’s drizzly and dark out there, though, so there might be some slight, very slight, hope of snow in spite of what the coin tossers at NOAA have to say. Seriously, I think they make this stuff up. I get more accurate information from the sky.

This is what the weather gamblers have in the forecast for today…

Yesterday, on the spur of the moment, we picked up our friend Elizabeth and headed out for a walk in a windy and beautiful Refuge. Bear likes it when another human is along. She feels less pressure to take care of me (the other human can have that job). Bear smelled all kinds of great things and even found a scent worth rolling in. Fortunately there was nothing (excrement, corpse, etc.) but a scent. The wind blew, but not terribly, the sky was perfectly clear, the mountains seemed near, the conversation was peerless. Bear walked close enough to Elizabeth so Elizabeth could rest her hand on Bear’s back, reminding me that friendship is a very precious thing.

The featured photo is of the sun hitting a small grove of cottonwoods. I took it day-before-yesterday when I was out with Teddy. Yesterday’s clear and open sky was more like this from a year ago today.

10 thoughts on “Walk with a Friend

  1. We had a tremendous thunderstorm yesterday evening. Son#1 has to call a tree service as a limb has cracked on his giant maple and if it comes down it will likely take the roof out with it! Today was supposed to be sunny and warm but was rainy and cold. I think you are right about flipping a coin. I’m glad you and Bear were able to go for a walk with a friend – blue skies and a chill wind make all conversations sparkle!

  2. A beautiful day on a walk with a friend and Bear. Lucky you! Maybe there will be snow next time (that photo is gorgeous). My son used to say – with the wisdom of a wise teenager – “I pay no attention to the weather forecasts. I just look out the window.” 🙂

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