Rambling, Uninspired, Somewhat Tedious, Quotidian Update 21.73.vi.a

I’m amenable to my dogs and what they do. They’re dogs not short furry humans with poor language skills, and I’ve had a lot of them, but this morning Teddy showed up with something sticky and gross colored — yet odorless — on the cascade of white fur under his chin. I had to cut it out with scissors. Gum? Teddy sat quietly while I tried to wash it off (how I learned it was sticky), and he sat quietly while I cut it out. In the interlude between the time I let them out and get up for REAL myself, I imagine a lot of adventures out there in the yard.

But they tell no tales.

Now we get to worry about finding a booster shot for Covid. I was out and about more this past weekend than I’ve been since I was in Colorado Springs a couple months ago when I hurt my shoulder. I don’t even know how to feel about it. I feel pretty fatigued this morning, but I’m hoping it’s just a hangover from having done a lot more socializing than I am used to (any more). Time will tell. I’m pretty sure we’re all going to get it eventually, it being both a booster shot and Covid. Anyway, the number of known active cases here in the San Luis Valley is very high (for us). Oh well…

The way I’ve lived with it so far has possibly not been the most practical way. I just avoid humans, and, when I’m with humans I don’t know, I stay outside for the most part. This means I haven’t gotten into the mask-wearing habit. I usually remember to have one with me, but I’m bad at remembering to put it on. I like it when a business posts a sign, “Masks must be worn” or something like that. OH well. A friend has gotten Covid. She’s vaccinated and says it’s like a cold. Her husband — who uses oxygen — is doing OK, too. I guess that’s the point.

Three years ago (thanks FB memories) I grew ONE Scarlet Emperor Bean. His name was Cao Xue Qin, the author of Red Chamber Dream (Hong Lou Meng). From him, came all the others. I think there was one before him but I have no photos. Cao Xue Qin was supported by a lilac stem. It worked pretty well, too.

8 thoughts on “Rambling, Uninspired, Somewhat Tedious, Quotidian Update 21.73.vi.a

  1. It looks like boosters are being recommended at 6 months for aged and decrepit folks like me. Mine will be in December. I’d recommend that youthful and vivacious people like you get one too.

  2. So far according to the nurses in the family – only Pfizer has a booster. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are still in the works. According to the nurses you can only get the Pfizer booster if you had the original Pfizer vaccination… The others are coming soon. In IN it is persons over 65, immuno-compromised, or frontline workers…

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