Quotidian Update Update

It’s been a weird few days but after a wonderful walk with Teddy, and all the helpful comments on the post I put up this morning, I realized there’s nothing I can do about “those people.” I don’t even have to understand them. And, while I’m not a praying person in the usual sense, this is the time for it. Someone or something with more influence than I will ever have is going to have to bring home the point to “those people.” It’s not my job. Anger and bewilderment over them is just a waste of my life.

On our walk today, Teddy had a great time with many splendid smells and I enjoyed the comparatively cool breeze. The same three cranes (I’m pretty sure) I’ve been seeing flew over us. Later on, I watched a young bald eagle carry out a successful hunt. Lots of raptors right now as they’re migrating south.

Teddy would like everyone to know he had a great time.

“That was great, Martha.”
“I think so too, little guy.”

The featured photo is one of the larger ponds. The cattails right now are so pretty. This is looking southwest.

17 thoughts on “Quotidian Update Update

  1. I guess it is time to go all Disney. “let it go”, “why should I worry” about “poor unfortunate souls”.
    So glad you could find peace in the Big Empty which I’m sure Teddy would consider a misnomer – he seems to find it very full of all sorts of things! (he looks like a very happy dog!)

  2. There is a part of me that no longer cares about “those people.” I know there will be people who will die that oughtn’t have but death is not proud. I have done what I can and will continue to do what I can for me and mine. Que sera sera.

    The nation will not collapse because of an unusually high death rate in the willfully stupid. Might even benefit in the long run. Evolution at work.

    Just curious how high the body count will go.

    • Pretty much how I feel except in the case of health care workers who are supposed to care for other people. When they spout the BS and refuse to be vaccinated it’s another thing, I think. Still, I can’t do anything about it.

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