Going to the Mountains…

I’ve been spending a little time with the beans. I’ve harvested four pods for seeds and am ready for next year. The beans can’t read the forecast, but they know what’s happening. The days are shortening. The nights are getting cooler. They know more about what’s happening than I do, I’m sure. It’s OK. Maybe they’re tired? I don’t think so. In the places where Scarlet Emperor beans are indigenous and the seasons are less sharply divided, they grow all year. I learned today that they like high altitudes. They are South American mountain beans.

32 F = 0 C 😦

Apparently my town recently held a “Freedom Rally” objecting to the Governor’s vaccine mandate (though it isn’t the “governor’s mandate:” it’s an emergency mandate handed down by the Colorado Board of Health) for health care workers. Signs were “Not Anti-Vaxx. Anti-Mandate” and others, the normal, I mean usual, things. The REASON the CBH made this mandate is because the voluntary stragedy didn’t work. It wasn’t the “first case scenario” it was the “worst case scenario.” Our popular but to me despicable mayor joined in. Sigh…

“At an emergency rulemaking meeting on August 30, 2021, the Board recognized that approximately 30% of the healthcare workforce in facilities under its jurisdiction remained unvaccinated for COVID-19. Using prior Board rules mandating the flu vaccine as a “baseline” for the emergency regulations, the Board found that “[w]ith the rise in the Delta variant, ensuring that all workers in licensed healthcare facilities are vaccinated is one of the most effective means the state can take to protect public health, safety, and welfare of all Coloradans . . . .” (Source)

I’ve been trying to fully understand why I’m so incredibly disaffected. This kind of thing is definitely a big factor. How is it difficult to see the concrete evidence that people who get sick might die and that this can be prevented? Why is this a question of “freedom” and “rights”? Why isn’t it a question of loving thy neighbor?

From a 1918 newspaper… I especially like “Do not think you are entitled to special privileges.”

Anyway, I’m about to go out into the wider world today, to the beautiful town of Creede to see the annual quilt show. I’d better get moving. Yeah, I’ll be wearing a mask.

24 thoughts on “Going to the Mountains…

  1. Well, this is one way for the Democrats to take back the state… I mean if the GOP endorses the right to die (death by stupidity) then the cognitive dissonance will drive a few of them all the way around the bend to meet up with the conservative Dems… Stay safe, mask and vax, and take photos of the quilts! I’d love to see them.

    • Actually, gargling is the Next Big Thing for the anti-vax crowd. They are pushing gargling with Betadine (normally used as a pre-surgical scrub and wound disinfectant) as both a preventive and a cure. Swallow enough and it is a permanent cure…for everything including life.

      • I have a hard time caring what happens to those people since they don’t seem to care what happens to those around them, however much they insist on their rights and feelings. 😕

    • I don’t think there were as many stupid people back then, either. And with simple (simple? Ha ha) survival being more of a challenge anyway without antibiotics, vaccines, etc. I think they understood the possibility of premature death. And all those people had just died in a war. I think they understood the importance of, uh, gosh, uh, uh not taking stupid risks with your life? Have you read any of the stories by Normal Maclean? He wrote “A River Runs Through It.” One of his stories writes about the flu epidemic which he lived through. Good story.

      • No, I have not read that author, but I will. Thank you. I think they marketed the vaccine wrong. If they had just framed it differently, I don’t know, something like the C-19 vaccine will soon be added to the other mandatory vaccines for school or TRAVEL, then perhaps those fools might not have reacted the way they did. There have always been antivaxers but many fail to connect the dots that we ALL have had to vaccinate for many reasons, from polio to diptheria to whatever else is on that list. It should have been a seamless addition. The CDC and govt failed to take into consideration the IQ of their audience.

        • I think the damage was done by IQ 45 creating doubts about the authenticity of the virus. I agree making it mandatory from the get go would have been a good strategy, but it would have been difficult once IQ 45 had done the damage he did by politicizing the virus and minimizing its severity, not to mention the damage he did to reputable news sources. I had friends who were completely willing to argue with me about being vaccinated and were citing the most bizarre sources you can imagine. These former friend actually believe they had done better and deeper research than I have done. I don’t really see where research is even necessary beyond, “new virus, kills people, so stay alive.”

  2. My employer just mandated the vaccine. Most of us were vaccinated last December and January, but there were a few holdouts. The latest is that we have until October 1 to get the first dose, or be “placed on unpaid leave and terminated by October 11.” There are both medical and religious waivers. The medical waiver has to be filled out by your provider, with very specific guidelines. The religious waiver is at a link that says “access restricted”, so I can’t see it to tell you what it says.

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