TV Show about the “Goodle” Days

I just finished watching Madmen for the second time around. The first was right after my hip surgery in 2018 and since I was on pain meds for several episodes, I didn’t really remember it. It’s a masterpiece.

One of the main subplots is the advent of women and minorities into a formerly all male, all white, workplace. The office(s) of the companies into which the original advertising company evolves and mutates are filled with Barbie Dolls looking for husbands. The girls both expect and endure all kinds of abuse and lewd comments from the men, and even I remember that from my teenage days as a car-hop at an A & W and a secretary at various locales in my 20s. It really never stopped and any complaint a woman might make to a superior in the late 1990s got about as much traction as did Joan’s complaint in a semi-fictional 1970. Joan (played by Christina Hendricks), had immense and distracting knockers.

However much we like to think we’re “above the animals” we’re animals ourselves. Paradoxically, advertising knows this better than any other business.

29 thoughts on “TV Show about the “Goodle” Days

  1. one of my favorite shows ever. my father was in the ad world and it reminded me of our world growing up, and yes, it was both good and bad, and I’d say mostly bad for the great majority of women. I worked in the ad world in the 90s, and it had changed in many ways, but not entirely.

  2. When I got my AA in advertising, my teacher and faculty adviser was one of the original man men. He worked for Kenyon & Eckhardt in the 60s, early 70s. As an account rep , IIRC he was responsible for the Farah Fawcett Lincoln Mercury Cougar ad. He was a fun guy but a lot more conservative than the folks in Mad Men. I think he’d say Mad Men focused on more extreme elements of the advertising community.

    Pro tip: Apparently cougars become extremely agitated by the scent of human women during their period. It is a dangerous time to put them close together. They learned it the hard way.

  3. Sorry to say I haven’t watched Mad Men. Maybe later this winter when I’ve got nothing to do… I remember the late 70s we had to do an externship for school. One of my classmates was so shaken by her experience that she almost dropped out. She never reported it to the school administration but her mentor/employer had chased her around a surgical table in an attempt to “get physical”. She was saved when the receptionist walked in…. and we all just accepted it as the kind of thing that just happens!

  4. Have not watched Madmen but do know a bit about advertising and the business. One thing I don’t know, what is a car-hop? Thanks for joining in Martha πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  5. I loved that show! Superbly acted. There was so much that looked familiar. That kind of treatment (complete with the lewd comments) was going on at all levels of employment when I was growing up. My girlfriend worked after school at a “family restaurant” and was constantly trying to avoid getting pinched by the boss/owner…every shift. She just accepted that it was the way it was and never reported it. I was horrified.

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