The News from the Big Empty

We had a cool day Tuesday with all the bells and whistles — wind, sun, sprinkles — so Bear and I took full advantage of it and I had a blissful walk in the Big Empty. Saw two hawks hunting successfully, a couple of cranes heading to the biggest pond, met some friendly people and walked forever and ever. ❤🐾

On the San Juans there is still a band of bright green aspen, but on ONE ridge (featured photo), near the highest point of aspen life, there is a line of bright yellow.

As we drove home we passed two Amish buggies. I waved and smiled, and the people in the buggies waved and smiled in return. I thought about how this immense valley holds everything within this amazing light.

At home I caught sight of a pair of goldfinches eating the seeds from the sunflower that’s grown with the Scarlet Emperor Beans. The birds are migrating now and the whole point of the sunflowers (which are planted by the birds) is food for them. It’s a wonderful thing.

Sunflowers have grown every year voluntarily in my garden. I don’t plant them; the goldfinch plant them and harvest the seeds in September on their way back through. I love that. These photos are truly all different, though it isn’t always easy to tell. In a few you can see both the male and the female.

9 thoughts on “The News from the Big Empty

  1. I’m so happy for you and especially Bear! I bet she is thrilled with the cooling weather! Also the photos of the finches are really good. I’ve never been able to get good photos of birds – always get a blur or an empty frame…

    • I took the photos through my window. It helped that the birds didn’t know I was anywhere around and the dogs were with me, and, there’s only one sunflower so it was not to hard to keep that in sight.

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