Tedious Quotidian Update 43.7.3.vii

Teddy Bear T. Dog and I escaped for a short, hot ramble yesterday. It was redeemed by small puffy clouds passing overhead sometimes giving us shade, a luxuriant, cooling WSW wind, solitude and late summer colors. There has been so much smoke in the air in recent weeks that it’s been challenging to find a window of opportunity. Teddy had a GREAT time. There must have been a whole Noah’s Ark of animals out there since his last jaunt. The day was clear, even to the end. A bright, white moon — the first in weeks that hasn’t been orange from smoke — passed overhead.

This past weekend was my 50th (51st) high school reunion, but I didn’t go. Friends texted from the reunion saying they missed me and were going to Zoom. I attempted that twice, but for good or ill (I’ll never know) there were problems. Photos on Facebook illustrated the passing of time. I was thinking last night as I looked at the photos that we’re all massive accumulations of stories, some of which intersect. How in the world can all of those stories even fit into one room?

I really want to know about these people. I liked them in high school. We were — as it turns out — a rather astonishing group. My English teacher told me that but I thought she was just being encouraging. I wonder what — for each of them — was the biggest moment for them in the 50+ year interval (other than the births of their children)? What do they wish they could have done but never had the opportunity to do? What did they do that they never imagined they would do? Something wonderful? Did they “stay on course” or (like me) wander all over the place? Are they who they thought they’d be or, back then, did they really have NO idea? Did their values change along the way? How? And here I am: the same “girl” I was back in the day, wanting to have deep conversations with people.

My deep conversations are here on Women’s Wilderness Legend, Waterproof. Some of my high school classmates read this blog and, as a result, they, at least, know me, but not everyone gets up every morning and spends the golden 30 minutes drinking that blessed and sainted cup of awesome coffee, punching the keys on their laptop.

28 thoughts on “Tedious Quotidian Update 43.7.3.vii

  1. I know little to nothing of most of those I went through high school with. I would like to, but it seems the feeling isn’t mutual so I don’t push it. Its been a long-long time since those moments of our youth, and like you I wonder, but I know those questions will for me, never be answered. And that’s okay.

  2. This was anything but tedious! Perhaps Teddious as you describe your walk with the inquisitive Teddy. They say that pets take on the attributes of their owners – must be why you are both seekers of answers to questions that are often unasked or unknown. I’ve not kept in touch with my classmates from HS – it was a small group that disappeared after college. Every now and then I’ll wonder and do a little FB search to no avail. Perhaps that is better than finding out that they had unfulfilling lives or worse ones filled with tragedy.

  3. The main thing I had in common with my high school friends is that we didn’t fit in anywhere else. I would like to see them again, but they aren’t the ones who go to reunions. Surprisingly, I found some of the people with whom I did not connect in high school to be interesting adults. On the other hand, at one reunion I found myself in a conversation with bankers and lawyers talking about golf. I found someone else to talk with…and most of them thought it was weird that I arrived by bike.

    • Yeah, I dunno. My two best friends from high school would never go to a reunion, but two or three others do go and I’d like to have spent time with them. There are lots of “normals” and in a way I’d like to find out how their normalcy played out for them, if it was ever challenged, but I’m not sure they could answer that question.

        • School was the requirement for getting out of that mad house. When I went to my 40th, I had a major life-changing epiphany about that. I realized how great high school had been, that I had had real friends there, done great, fun things and it had been wonderful — it had been my happy place. It was where things worked. I just stood there in the cafeteria and cried after the tour of the school. Dozens of people came to me and wrapped their arms around me in an enormous group hug while I wept. No, I value them and that experience very deeply. ❀

  4. Reunions are a funny thing. I went to my 10th and my 20th. The 20th one was bizarre as people drifted to the cliques from the middle schools we went to! The high school was where 4 towns sent kids. My 50th is next year and I may go out of curiosity, but it will depend on where my head is at. I was SO glad to be out of there and fly the proverbial coop (both school and family). I am still in touch with a few friends from those years, so maybe they’ll go too. I agree…so many stories! Think of the interviews! πŸ™‚

  5. I went to my 50th and well, my graduating class numbered 35 and one of the graduates was my brother because he’ d been held-back. My best friend graduated 2 years ahead of been but we’re still best friends. A blessing to have a friend for 60 years. Not much had changed. Claudia

    • Wow. ❀ I'm really grateful for the people from my high school class who cared enough for me not to let go. I let go, but they didn't. Now I appreciate what that means to know some people who've shared at least some of your experiences for most of your life. I don’t have family any more which makes it even more important.

  6. Ah, this stuff is where we live. I have no idea how to deal with past acquaintances…other than to acknowledge and reforge connections. Just spent a wonderful day with close friends watching the US Hickory Open here in Gearhart. Just the right amount of IPA and camaraderie. And we get to do it again tomorrow for the final round. Life is great!

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