Leap before you look…

When I was young, I was a man of action (huh?) and I ALWAYS wanted to jump in and DO something. This led to a lot of messes, but you live and learn. Now I’m far more likely to wait and see, not all the time, not in every situation, but often. And why? I have a far more realistic sense of my own powers now than I had when I was younger. I’ve also learned (gasp) that people lie. I don’t mean lying in the evil sense, but more lying in the manner of speaking in the spur of the moment. It’s hard to take back words without losing face. It’s also difficult to take back words you don’t remember saying.

My dad used to advise, “Count the cost,” which, of course, made no sense to me AT ALL since prices are always marked on the product (huh) but now I get it.

All that said, some of my life’s best adventures (who knows what “best” means in this context) came from my leaping without looking. I’d list and describe them here, but you gotta’ know…

7 thoughts on “Leap before you look…

  1. I was born 50 and cautious! Hehe! I suppose that spontaneity and a attitude insouciante is attractive to some. I’ve learned to loosen up as I’ve aged but I’ll never be comfortable flying by the seat of my pants!

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