More Dogcor than Decor…

I’m not sure decor has much to do with my way of life. I don’t want to live in an ugly or messy place. I vacuum and dust daily, and I hate clutter, but the idea of decorating a room or a house is a little beyond me. I know a lot of people look forward to their first home that’s theirs and not a rental because they can decorate it themselves, their way. Anyhow, I heard that a lot when I was younger. That requires money and interest in decorating — two things that I’ve never had in plentitude. Then there’s the reality that every new thing starts wearing out as soon as we start using it, and the novelty of things really does wear off. SO…

The stuff in my house is (most of it) inherited from someone. My little antique desk belonged to a friend who was — yep, redecorating. My two Chinese scholar cabinets came from an estate sale via the local flea market/store. My antique Chinese table — used as a coffee table — swap meet in California. My sofa? I bought it already in the house (thank goodness or that first night I’d have no where to sleep!) The antique lawyer’s shelves and sewing machine are family relics. In my room? A bed I actually chose and bought (yep I did that), a Chinese armoire I drove a hundred plus miles to get. Maybe that room has decor. Otherwise? It’s a bunch of bookshelves and books and Chinese carpets. And dogs. They are all cool things, but I’d never call it “decor.”

When I look at pictures of decorated rooms, I’m drawn to the opposite of my own ambient reality. I like these. 🙂

The only time I attempted to actually decorate was when I was selling my house in California. I think I did OK. They buyers wanted the house and everything in it. I regret that I didn’t bring the tiger chairs with me and the sofa — while it wouldn’t have fit through the door of my house now or in my living room — was the most comfortable sofa in the world.

House in Descanso, CA

Maybe it’s the same for everybody. Real life never fits the ideal. My friends like visiting me and feel comfortable in my house. I think that’s the important thing. ❤

15 thoughts on “More Dogcor than Decor…

  1. The less the better for me. When I had my first place all to myself after living in a big house filled with stuff, not mine, for a year I kept my sanctuary with just a bed.

  2. Wow. Your California room looks so cozy. I am more comfortable with a practical “lived in” look. A little clutter but not too much. I wouldn’t know where to start with “decorating” but I agree – a welcoming & comfortable home is the best. 🙂

  3. I keep things very tidy. However having a home that is comfortable is the most important thing. I really don’t like white furniture or white rugs that make you afraid to sit or walk in a room! I have stuff – but is is stuff I use and many are things I’ve made….

  4. I share your decorating philosophy, Martha. Since I am not doing a decor post, I hope you don’t mind me saying here how much I like the colour of my lounge chairs. I saw the colour once when they came into the house, whereupon they were covered up with blankets due to dogs. 😄

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