Refuge Sought and Found

Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog is very good at weather recognition. I don’t mean the obvious stuff like, “Martha! Finally! It’s snowing!” but subtle things like the approach of a thunderstorm (no thunder in earshot, for humans, anyway), or the wind coming up, things that signal to her, “Martha might put me in the car and take me to the Refuge.” Yesterday she let me know and even though she’d just eaten and I was afraid she’d throw up in the car, we headed out.

Bear was right. It was perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Cool wind, no bugs, gorgeous light. Not exactly a Deja Vu, but definitely reminiscent of fall last year which was filled with gorgeous walks, Sandhill Cranes and beautiful light. For the first time in months I was able to suspend all kind of concern and apprehension over the various things about which I worry (and cannot change so really what’s the point of that?).

Maybe this long summer is finally winding down.

21 thoughts on “Refuge Sought and Found

  1. Bear is beautiful. I miss walking my dogs out in the prairies of Colorado – where everything is so open, and quiet, and it just seems like we are the only ones around.

    • Part of what made it such a lovely walk yesterday is that we were alone and it was silent but for the breeze. Very soothing for us both, I think. Bear says thank you. ❀

  2. In the middle of a triple digit stretch here again. The good thing is that we’re also having stretches of 90s and even 80s. They days are shortening. Less time for heat to build up, more dark for it to cool off. This means less time for hiking but if it is too hot to hike, the extra time doesn’t help. Plus, I can’t afford to drive 3 hours just to get to a decent elevation and back every day.

    The fall, winter and spring are when I do most of my hiking. In summer I tend to hide in my burrow and estivate and this was a summer of consistently record breaking dryness and heat.

  3. Beautiful photos! (even the one of Bear showing off her long lashes!) I’m hoping that the heat will ease off. It has been nearly unbearable with the heat and humidity – and the surge in COVID cases but people don’t want to wear their masks due to the heat!! I went out masked and it was sweaty but I’d rather sweat from a mask than from the virus!!

    • Me too. I’m lucky I can mostly avoid being where I need to wear a mask. They are hot, but really that’s a small inconvenience. I will be very glad to see summer end. Yesterday late afternoon was a welcome break.

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