Ubiquitous Gadgets

“What’s that?” Ark-won held a small curved object in the palm of her hand.

“An egg?”

“It’s not a carbon-based form.”

“Some kind of ear ornament? Try it.”

“YOU try it.” Ark-won shuddered, imagining her little blue ear pinched between the narrow space where the wire bent in on itself.

“Maybe it’s not even meant to look like this,” suggested Ray-on, bending pulling back the exterior, loose end until it was straight. “No way to know.”

“Look, here is a whole pile of them.”

Ray-on slowly passed his left middle digit over the pile of small metal objects. It registered, “Steel,” he said. “We have a little pile of steel something-or-others. I guess it’s a necklace, just in pieces.”

“That doesn’t make sense, Ray-on. We know enough about this culture to know that steel was not a precious metal like chromium, lithium or uranium. I don’t think they made jewelry from this. What status would it confer or demonstrate?”

Ray-on shrugged.

“I think it’s just another gadget,” said Ark-won. “We’re always finding inscrutable gadgets on this job.

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