The Dude Abides

One of the best movies I’ve ever seen is The Big Lebowski. If you haven’t seen it — and don’t mind a lot of “bad” language — you should. It has — among other attributes — the most inspired carpet of any film ever made and I’m including any and all films that include a flying carpet.

Down here weaving is a big thing. Of course, the various Pueblo tribes are all known for their beautiful tribal weaving, and a lot of non-native Americans actually moved down here to learn weaving from them. I think it’s all great and have a couple of small pieces made by a local weaver.

The carpet I love most is in my room and I wrote about it here. I bought it in China. After nearly 40 years, it’s a little worse for wear. The fringe was chewed by puppies. The pile is a little worn in spots. Where it is now, it’s probably not going to get worse. In the spare room and living room are other Chinese carpets that I bought for my house when I moved in.

During a certain time of my life, I had carpets from Iran that had been smuggled in by Afghan refugees. That was the 80s. All that remains of those days is a true Persian rug that has seen better days. It’s worn, dog-chewed, moth-eaten and yet, to me, still beautiful. I suppose Sundance Catalog would pick it up, cut it up, use it for pillows and charge more for each pillow than I paid for the rug which, also, I bought from an Afghan Refugee rug dealer.

14 thoughts on “The Dude Abides

  1. Quality rugs will last, if not in high traffic areas. We still have one in the family, brought over from Scotland. I have a warp right now, that I have been thinking of weaving a small rug with, still looking for inspiration to get started!

  2. I think I may now need to watch that movie again. So funny. Worn, faded – even chewed up – some things still bring joy (as cliche as that sounds…). The stories! 🙂

  3. And the Big Lebowski May well be the best film about the Dude wit laissez faire eff the frigging world attitude! Great choice as always! The video is unavailable I wanted to see the rug! Dag✊😆🙏

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