Random News from the City

This advertisement makes my teeth itch. Seriously —

Every time I hear it I want to throttle the guy and say, “It’s QUICKsand you idiot because it’s like a living thing like the ‘QUICK and the dead?’ Not because of the rate in which it sucks stuff down, moron.” So much irony in a 2 minute ad that it’s almost Jonathon Swift.

I don’t know about questioning “everything,” but this is advertising not reality so…

Yesterday my friend, Lois, and I went out for lunch at a really good middle eastern restaurant — a little hole-in-the-wall place named Jerusalem. My guess is it is owned by Palestinian or Lebanese immigrants judging from the decorations which included “Dallahs” or Arab coffee pots.

A long time ago — when I was teaching English to international students — one of my students from Kuwait gave me a little golden Dallas on a gold chain. I don’t know how I lost it. It was really a treasure. My students had introduced me to green coffee as they made it at home, and I loved it. It became kind of a sweet joke. “Make coffee for Martha.” But, the truth is, coffee in almost any form is great as far as I’m concerned. Still, the flavor of the green coffee as they brewed it was very special.

One of my favorite foods is tabouli. Yesterday I ordered a plate that included that, and the waitress said they were out. I must have looked like my heart was breaking because then she said, “I can ask if he can make some up.” I smiled at that. “Everything’s ready. He just has to put it together.” I told her that would be wonderful, and it was.

Back when I was teaching so many Arab students I was also growing two kinds of mint in my garden. Real tabouli (I was told) is not just parsley, but also mint, and my students were thrilled to have a gigantic supply of it. I often took big bunches of it to school and sometimes they came by the house. I was also growing tomatoes and my students were happy to have fresh vegetables.

In injured arm news, I’m very happy to report that it’s a minor injury. I have almost full range of motion. The doctor said that I’d know in two or three days, that if it were a minor injury, the pain would go away pretty quickly, and here we are. Thank goodness. I plan not to take narcotics tonight. I don’t like the way they make me feel — yeah, nausea and projectile vomiting ARE kind of fun when you’re 18 and drinking illegally and someone is holding your hair, but at 69 when all you want in the morning is your coffee? Naw….

14 thoughts on “Random News from the City

  1. i understand your annoyance with the ad, it’s trying to be too cute and falls somewhere short. the restaurant and coffee sound lovely and so nice they made you a fresh batch. glad you are on the mend

  2. I’m a Jason Bateman, and Mindy, and ‘question everything…!’ I’ve never seen this commercial before but I love it! Does that tickle your funny bone, Martha? πŸ˜† Good news about the injury. The doc just redeemed himself be telling you you’d know how serious in 2-3 days. Points off for that x-ray you didn’t have.

  3. I’m happy to know your arm is ok (I’m going to have to do some back reading), that you had tabouli (yum!), and that you say, “this makes my teeth itchy” ( I say this a lot and had never heard anyone else say it)! β€πŸ€πŸΆπŸ€—

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