Horsing Around

My friend Lois is a horsewoman. It’s kind of a semi-late life development, though she had a horse when she was a girl. A lucky and wonderful series of events brought her into the farm of some people who are passionate horse lovers. They are elderly and the horses need to be ridden. This has given my friend incredible opportunities and the chance to ride horses without the responsibility and expense of owning them. To tell the WHOLE story would need another post, so I’ll just filter out what is, for the moment, extraneous material, and tell you about what we got to do yesterday.

Yep. I got to go hang out with some horses.

These horses are BIG (as you can see) and I’d need a crane to lower me down onto one of their backs.

One of them I like especially. He’s wise and has a sense of humor and likes me. Simeon. (Feature photo) He’s kind of an obnoxious horse to some of the others, but I love him and I got to feed him carrots.

The object of the visit was for me to meet the newest horse — the mini, Victor (also feature photo). He’s only one hand (ha ha ha like I really understand that beyond a theoretically) higher at the withers (though Bear, strictly speaking, has shoulders) than Bear. Victor is charming, beautifully made (some minis are a little odd looking). He begs for food and soon realized no one was giving him any. He yearned to go out in the pasture with the big horses, but a couple little dominance struggles with the big horses mean that he has to be a solo horse for a little while. The owners are getting him a friend who will arrive in a week or so.


I developed my personal lifestyle in grad school, and I’ve refined it over the years. These people can go, “Wow. We need another mini-horse,” and plop out almost as much money as I’ve ever earned in a month. With that kind of choice comes a level of responsibility I’m glad to have been spared. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Horsing Around

  1. My days as a barn dad are over but, over the years, I spent many hours carefully detangling the mane and tail of a grey Arabian horse. We quickly learned that leasing is a whole lot cheaper than owning, when it comes to horses. I miss my tall 4-legged friends.

    • Arabians are so beautiful. These guys are Tennessee Walkers (I think) anyway they’re some kind of paced horse. I’d lease a horse just to hang out with it. The best was when my neighbors in California got a horse and the horse’ little paddock was 1/4 my fence. I loved that little guy so much. He was the brightest spot in my life at that time.

    • If it’s any consolation, horse owners ask, “How do you make a small fortune owning horses?” “By starting with a large fortune.” Buying a horse is often the cheapest part.

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