On the Town

Yesterday my friend/neighbors and I went “out on the town” — the first time since the pandemic hit. The town, of course, is the scenic county seat of Rio Grande County, Colorado, Del Norte. Del Norte is a typical one-main street western town, that street lined with restaurants and other small businesses that change frequently because it’s hard to “make a go of it” down here when the season of actual human beings is already short and, last year, VERY short, like didn’t happen.

A restaurant where we like to have lunch was very smart last year and when the pandemic hit, they almost immediately got a food truck and used it to promote their FUTURE business by setting up in all the local towns during the week. They didn’t fight the mask mandate, they just took the challenge. We wandered around on the very hot street (south side, of course) as the sun exsiccated every drop of moisture from our skin. The temperature wasn’t crazy hot — only 85 F (31 c) or something — but at 8000 feet (2438 m) it’s almost like the sun is RIGHT ON TOP of you.

We investigated new businesses and some old businesses. I was really happy to discover a small, natural foods grocery store. I don’t know, but they might get my grocery business, though they might be more expensive than City Market (Kroger). Across the street (in the SHADE!!!) is a small new bakery where we stopped for dessert.

It was really nice to hang out again. I’m often grateful for randomness of fate that landed me in a little house where I would find neighbors who became friends.

Meanwhile, I’m off to Colorado Springs (a city?) tomorrow to collect my paintings and visit friends.

25 thoughts on “On the Town

  1. This is a perfect post on which to find you again. I’m glad you have been able to get out and enjoy your town with your neighbor/friends! It’s a good reawakening — I hope it lasts better there than it has here!

    • The variant is attacking more populated areas and we’ve been warned down here to be more vigilant and get tested, but, for now… We talked about it at lunch and all of us agreed it isn’t ever going away. I don’t regard that as news. I think we’ll all (all sane people) will be careful and do the best we can in a world that is permanently different or that was always this way but to which we were oblivious. I really don’t know. ❤

      • It is known now that the flu shots we have been getting annually have been a coronavirus mutation traceable way back. I fully expect that Covid 19 will be another similar situation, and that the best we will be able to do is to live in a state of awareness and vigilance. I am dismayed by the full-scale denial of science/facts, but that will simply add to the level of vigilance, at least for a while.

  2. What a lovely way to spend the day. I miss simple excursions like that, even in the heat. Several of my friends are still too worried about the variant even though they’re vaccinated. Yes, it will be a constant in our lives from now on. 🙁

    • I don’t actually know how to think about the variant. I just figure life now will continue like life last year with some isolated exceptions followed by a period of “isolation.” I don’t really know what else to do. But the heat is such a pain that I wouldn’t know if I had a fever or needed to turn on the ceiling fan. 😀

      • It’s a tough call. The new guidelines have escalated the fear factor. Being the science person I am, I latch onto that more than most. The summer heat is unnecessary, but we have no control over that either!! 🙂

  3. What a lovely day with friends, Martha! Finding new neat places and just “meandering” feels good. Question for you~what is the little town close to Pike’s Peak? It had a place called The Brass Ass (Copper ?). I’ve been around your area so much. I love the mountains and am so glad you have your house, your fur babies, and friends. I have enjoyed my neighbors too! Be safe on your trip🙏🏻💚💛❤️🐾🐶

    • Cripple Creek (I had to google it. 😀 ) It was a nice time. I think we were all sorry when it had to come to an end and we’d exhausted the sights of the city.

      • Cripple Creek! Yes. What a fun day. I’m getting ready to head to my time with my special adult friends. And then tonight, my twin and two other Kristy’s (all spelled differently) are coming to go eat Mexican and have our yearly reunion. The 4 K’s, as we call ourselves, grew up on a horseshoe of houses~our parents all friends. Inseparable from grades K-12th in our small town. This morning I decided to brave the traffic in Branson to buy my beloved pup some roast beef. She had been an angel while I trimmed her last night. I get this beef from a special grocer. While coming back, and traffic horrendous and dangerous, I came upon an older man standing by his corvette on a dangerous section of hills. I had just written a post called “Blind Spot” that I’ll share soon. People were passing him around a blind curve and paying him no mind. I pulled off quickly and yelled, “Do you need help?” He yelled, “Do you have a gas can?” I told him to jump him and I’d take him to the store up the road. We talked of some horrible things going on in his life. He said, “I’m a surgeon and I can’t help myself!” His wife had just had rotator cuff surgery and they found out they indeed have custody of a 3 year old. I told him I’m sorry and life just sucks, and I’d remember him in my prayers. He shared his name(Steven Morrison). I said, “I had a Dr. Morrison in Aurora, MO during my childhood!” To which he quickly said, “My Mom thinks he’s not worth a damn!” I sharply turned my head and he said, “That’s my Dad.” We laughed to the store. I put my Dad on speakerphone and told him. He thanked my Dad for me. And my Dad thanked him for his Dad taking care of me. I think life is good today, Martha. I paid attention. And these situations happen much more than not {I got screwed out of nearly $300 from Expedia~another story}, it’s these moments that make life simple and pure. I had to stare before I head out. I think I’ll post about it. 💚💛❤️ stay safe please. Finn and me 🐶💛

  4. Glad you had a great time in town Martha. I guess the heat is a dry heat up there. At my place is only 80 metres and most the hot days are also humid days so the air is heavy and the sweat just pours off but then again I am a sweater. Have a great day in Colorado Springs. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

  5. It must be so nice to catch up with a couple of careful friends in this relative lull Martha. Might as well do all your business chores while the sun is keeping most people outdoors. Do you have a booster shot planned?
    The streetscape seems very different in US regional towns than it is in Australia. In Oz, we often have a lot of street trees providing shade on pavements.

  6. “Exsiccate”. Easy to guess the meaning even when you read it first. Seems to have reached peak popularity in the earlier half of the 18th century. A little before my time. No wonder I hadn’t come across it before

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